Yes. I’m a Drama Queen.

I talk too much. Think too much. Love too much.

We laugh — way too much. LOL. OMG!

Yeah n I cry. A lot.

Especially after we’ve fought.

But then; nobody gets you like I do.

I make big of your every small win.

I want to know how you are.

And where you’ve been.

I say I love you ten times a day?! Maybe more.

I drive you mad.

Like — pull your hair out of your head,

While you head bang against a wall.

But then I say sorry.

Like in a 100 different ways.

Though usually after 69 -

We’re not counting anyways.

Yes. I’m a Drama Queen.

But hey!

That’s mah magic Romeo.

You. Me. And one helluva show.

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