candle 2011


for george

In coming and in going we share the same light

the veil the same distance from

the word…

the idea…

the notion.

You come in

I go out.

I once was you

you will one day be me.

We speak a different language than the rest,

exploding assumptions.

We wished hard to become

when in fact,

we already were

and remain.

Here, where the born and the dying are closer to Love,

please say my name out loud:

it is yours.

But you know that.

They do not

and they will take that knowledge

and twist it up and hate you for it

as they hate the word…

…the light

…the notion

and exploding assumptions

because they chose not to understand.

But you!

You are the born and the dying

the shadow and light

the “be” of my coming and still

always you:




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