You Chose You

I traded my tears to uncloud my eyes to see you
I shredded my fears to free my heart to believe in you
I buried my pride hoping to be love's biggest fool
And I let myself go, so you could take full control

But that was when your innocence was like an incense
A burning aroma that could wield love from vengeance
My perfect soul search
You softened my heart till you could wear my soul like a night dress
I would have died for you if you had asked

Where did I go wrong?
You traded our field of love for a grain of lust
You left my flourishing heart adust
You imprisoned my hopes in the dungeons of pain to rust
You took my soul
And watched my dying heart run cold

You knew when I needed saving from truth
You knew when my suffering was painful
You knew when I was down in the mouth
But you watched my veins drain regrets and doubts

You could have saved me
You could have lightened this burden for me
But no, you chose you