Graphic by efes on pixabay

You Don’t Have to be Perfect…To Win The Game

A Tennis Poem

You don’t have to be better — 
though it helps
You don’t have to be stronger — 
that can even backfire
You don’t have to be perfect — 
in tennis or in life
In order to win “the game.”

Steadiness will get you half way there.
Moving together will get you further.
What will take you over the top?
A strategy to “get in their heads.”

As we played a team in Bend, Oregon,
They tried to pick on my partner Joanne.
She kept her cool, kept her focus;
She engaged her brain, sought her strategy.

She watched our strong male opponent
Moving at the net, putting away volleys,
Trying to turn the tide of the match.

She calmly hit her service return —Snap — 
A clear winner down the line,
And he helplessly watched it go by him.

He started moving again — Snap — 
Another clear winner return down the line.

She got in his head
And he “stayed home”
Instead of moving at the net
While we put the match away.

When skill and steadiness aren’t quite enough
To get you all the way,
Engage the brain and find the strategy
To help you win the day.