(a bit of silliness and flash fiction inspired by the recent NASA discovery)

“Cere, wake up! Astounding news! Rouse yourself!”

“Snnrrg.. grrghh.. Aakh!! Why’d you wake me, Brum? I was having the most intense consciousness stream! What’s wrong? Has the floe-converter malfunctioned?”

“The floe-con’s fine. But I’ve just picked up an extrasensory leak emanating from the Revelator. Earth, As-It-Is-Called, has finally discovered us!”

“What?! Really!! Well, it only took them a few hundred million years.”

“More like several thousand. Remember it’s a young world. Even when our own progeny were well past entozoon stage Earth-AIIC did not yet exist.”

“Fine! You know what I mean. What else do you sense? All I’m getting is a slightly deeper hum from the Rev. You’ve always been better at the touchy-feely stuff.”

“Apparently the earthlings are curiously excited about us. They’re calling us TRAPPIST-1. Here, let me augment the root-conceptions I’m receiving.”

“What in the name of the Unfettered is a trappist…? Oh my. Hah!! What marvelously ridiculous renderings! But they are correct, at least, about the ice.”

“A trappist is a kind of King-worshipper, to answer your question. So I think we can take that as a compliment. But, yes, the earthlings must be forgiven their fantastic speculations. Their encephalous capacity is infinitesimal compared to ours.”

“You picking up anything about us sending a greeting their way?”

“It seems the Rev is currently data-syncing with the seven Certifiers to create a salutation to be compiled into Earth-readable format. It will be emitted within the light-year.”

“Nice. Well. I’m famished. Gotta gelatinize some pabulum.. just a nano-second. Okay, back.”

“So... floe-con patterning remains flawless, as anticipated.”

“Excellent, Brum. Think I’ll revert to latent-mode since nothing’s going on. Keep a palpus or five on that bio-processor. And wake me if you ever sense we’re about to make Earth-contact, would ya?”

“Will do, Cere. Let’s just hope the earthlings don’t negate themselves before they’ve begun. That would be such a waste. Either way I’ll let you know if my foramina start firing.”