CLN Network partners with Poi to boost local impact economy.

The Poi and CLN team celebrate the partnership on the roof of the CLN’s Offices.

Today is a huge step forward for the Poi Community, the network of the impact economy. After weeks of hard work, the Poi team is very proud and excited to announce that we joined the CLN Network as their first partners and major stakeholders, to build the decentralized network of the impact economy.

Both companies are joining their forces to address local economies issues by providing architecture and tools to consumers, merchants and all kind of stakeholders.

An innovative way to approach payment and communities.

The Colu Local Network (CLN) is a decentralized payment network for developers, entrepreneurs & organisations, that aspire to be the world leading operating system for communities who wish to use blockchain services.

“We see many inspiring projects all over the world centered around communities and believe the CLN’s technology can assist those looking to create innovative business models using the blockchain.” 
Says Amos Meiri, Co-founder and CEO of Colu.

From an ideological perspective, the CLN network history has its roots in the 2008 financial crisis, during which Amos Meiri was in Cyprus. He witnessed friends and colleagues who lived locally wake up one morning to see their bank balances disappeared without them having done anything wrong.

Starting in 2014, the CLN founding team, Mark Smargon, Amos Meiri and Dudu Ring built their product on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and offered it to developers and Entrepreneurs looking to manage assets on the blockchain. Since then, realizing that the core technology had multiple benefits for communities and organisations over the world, they decided to switch.

Now a team of 30 amazing people is building an open source decentralized infrastructure for entrepreneurs and organizations engaged with blockchain services to help them with security, growth, distributing ownership, identity and much more. So far, they raised almost $40 millions to reach their goal.

You can learn more about CLN Network on their current website.

CLN + POI = A perfect match.

To ensure the resilience of our local economies, Poi aspires to become a bridge between the traditional economy and this new growing model called impact economy, while CLN wants to build a decentralized architecture to help communities globally to have the ability to create & retain their own wealth.

Poi’s first aspiration is to create a massive movement that recognizes anyone’s contributions to a more sustainable economy.

Regarding our respective vision, mission and values, we couldn’t find a closer partner to help us create a massive movement that recognizes anyone’s contributions to a more sustainable economy.

“We can see that the Poi team has a strong mission to have a positive impact on their community and the world, this is one of the main reasons we are interested in collaborating with Poi.” 
Commented Mark Smagon, co-founder and VP Product of Colu.

New perspectives for Poi Network.

This partnership with the CLN is a great opportunity for a faster go to market strategy. Indeed, we can use the CLN as the backbone of our architecture and the tools provided (multi-currency wallet or community currency creation) are lightening our roadmap, leaving us free to focus on the impact measurement, the certification layer and the nudge dynamic.

“In an emerging blockchain area where everything still needs to be built, we avoid reinventing the wheel to focus on the core value that we could provide to people, organizations and the blockchain ecosystem.” 
States Alexandre Mezard, co-founder and COO of Poi.

More than that, this collaboration constitutes a great milestone to accelerate the Poi Network development as an overall impact measurement layer within the CLN. Thus, Colu could provide to all the communities of the network a possibility to connect Poi and our Proof of Impact protocol to help them measure, certify and monitor their impact on local economy.

“With an experienced technical team, a good looking brand and a strong management team, we think Poi has every chance of success. Their innovative approach to create impact in local communities is a perfect use case for the infrastructure we provide at the CLN. We are excited to accompany Poi on their journey!”
Says Yaron Klainer, head of operations of Colu.

We are convinced that Colu and its years of experience and track record will be a major partner for us and we already began to work on integrating the CLN infrastructure to our Poi mobile app and Proof of Impact protocol.

This partnership is definitely a game changer for Poi Network and we are glad to share this news with you!

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Allan and all the Poi team.

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