We won a prize, but above all, we met an ecosystem.

The 15 of November, we had the pride to receive a jury prize in the positive Blockchain contest of the Blockchain agora event. It means a lot for us because this event was built on our two core components, blockchain and positive impact. The jury was composed of experts in both topics (Consensys, Institut Mines Telecom, Positive Blockchain, La Fabrique du Futur, Share-IT program, Leanealist or Makesense,… just to name a few). Furthermore the other competitors of the contest were honestly all amazing (see below the list of the competitors).

Our solution, as every start-up probably says, is very simple but hard to explain. We have big ambitions to create a proper decentralized structure for the impact economy able to recognize each contribution. However it’s key for us to begin with an accessible and easy to catch entry point and that’s why we started with positive consumption. Nevertheless when we try to explain the big picture, it’s always a challenge. Win this prize is a testimony of our communication progress and, as the proverb says:

“Whatever is well conceived is clearly said, and the words to say it flow with ease”.

So thanks to all the Poi team who works often more than asked to push this amazing project out of the blue and gives us the opportunity to better understand day after day how we will do it concretely.

As I wrote it above, the other projects competing in this contest were 5 stars.

It is a real satisfaction to see the emergence of a bold blockchain for social good ecosystem.
the jury just before the prizes announcement

Here are the other projects competing:

  • Cryptocorals: It’s a game centered around breedable, collectible and personal corrals inspired by the CryptoKitties system but allowing to plant living corrals for each purchase.
  • BCDiploma: Our friends of the first Chain Accelerator batch (based at Station F). They allow students to really own their diplomas by dematerializing and automating the issuance of certified diplomas and certificates. medium.com/bcdiploma
  • Ethichub: It’s a crowdlending platform that connects lenders with profitable small farming communities around the globe in a win-win process. EthicHub
  • 1P2C is a platform that allows tenants to progressively get shares of the house they live in.
  • DeLife: They reinvent local governance by providing a distributed ledger allowing inhabitants to speak up regarding their local authorities decisions.
  • Embleema: (winner of the contest) It’s an health blockchain network that connects dispersed Patient Generated Health Data into a consolidated and highly-secure repository.
  • Give: (2nd place of the jury prize and audience award) They launched the first crypto-currency for kids to help them develop as early as possible the will to give.
Blockchain or not, these kind of projects are clearly changing for good, the way we interact so we invite you to follow their adventures.

More than this jury prize, we had the opportunity to initiate good contacts like with Makesense, Danone or ShareIT. It is very appreciated to gain visibility and legitimacy through this kind of event dedicated to positive blockchain and it will definitely allow us to build future collaborations with the actors of this growing ecosystem.

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Alex and all the Poi team.

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