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5 Learnings from the Zendesk of HR, AKA Factorial

How Factorial is building a global SaaS winner from Barcelona, and why you should always listen to your dentist

1) You can build a global SaaS winner from Europe

2) You don’t (always) have to go for the US market from the get-go

3) Best product (often) wins

4) Pricing is key

In the end, freemium only makes sense if a certain percentage of your free users do one of three things: 1) Eventually convert to paid, 2) refer paying customers, or 3) provide the kind of valuable feedback that will improve your product. A freemium product that fails to achieve any of these effects will merely saddle you with extra costs and distract you from servicing your most important users. Not every company can be a Dropbox, but the good news is that not every SaaS company needs to adopt Dropbox’s freemium model to succeed.

From an internal note after a Factorial board meeting

5) Always listen to your dentist!

“Hi” from the dentist’s chair. I had a dentist appointment today. I kid you not.
From an email to Peter Specht at Creandum, one of our co-investors in Factorial
Pau Ramon Revilla (CTO), Bernat Farrero (CRO), Jordi Romero (CEO), the founders of Factorial



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