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How to look better on video calls (without breaking the bank)

A couple of months ago I wrote about my setup for video meetings. TL;DR: I wasn’t happy with the video quality of my webcam so I connected a DSLR with a video capturing device and bought a good video light, leading to a massive improvement in video quality. I also bought a motorized tripod, which makes it easy to tilt the camera if I want to stand up during a video meeting and walk around a bit.

A lot of people had asked about my video setup (which sparked that blog post). But after hearing me talk about clean HDMI output, dummy batteries, and CPU drain, I think most of them ended up sticking with their webcam. Using a DSLR for video conferencing isn’t a plug and play experience, so unless you enjoy tinkering around with stuff like this (like me) or your job requires you to look professional on video, you’ll likely not go through the effort and cost of this setup.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve invested in a company that makes it 10x easier to l̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶b̶e̶a̶u̶t̶i̶f̶u̶l get high-end video quality: Detail.

Paul Veugen, co-founder & CEO of Detail. #no-nofilter

One of Detail’s key insights is that the best camera you own is probably the smartphone camera in your pocket. Detail leverages multiple lenses, sensors, and the massive computing power of your phone, to turn it into a high-end camera for video meetings and live streaming. The idea to use a smartphone as a webcam isn’t new — there are a few apps that let you do that. But with Detail, it’s far easier — and the results are incredible.

Detail’s mid- to long-term plan is to create software that offers broadcast-level video quality without the need for new hardware (software is eating the world, and the smartphone is pretty hungry too, in case you forgot). Think of it as a broadcast studio, in your pocket.

In the not too distant future, Detail will allow you to record with multiple cameras, automatically switching between different angles, while automagically enhancing lighting. These (and many other things that Detail is working on) are all capabilities, which, until not too long ago, required 6–7 figure investments into hardware and a film crew!

A rough sketch from our deal memo. Our thesis is that Detail will become one of those rare “10x better and cheaper” products

As a casual Whereby/Zoom/Loom user, you may not need all of this. But imagine you spend eight hours a day in online sales meetings. Or that you’re one of the millions of creators on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and other platforms, who record and stream everything from cooking workshops and yoga lessons to DIY tutorials, language lessons, and so much more.

We’re delighted to welcome the amazing Detail team to the P9 Family, and look forward to working with our friends at Connect, who led the company’s pre-seed round, as well as P9 Alumnus Nicolas Wittenborn (Adjacent), Schuster Tanger (TQ Ventures) and, Joe Thomas, Vinay Hiremath and Shahed Khan, co-founders of Loom, who have joined the seed round.

Want to join Detail’s beta program? Head to Detail.co and request an invite. And if you share my passion for democratizing access to high-quality, engaging video: Detail is hiring!




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