Monitoring an early-stage SaaS business at the B2B Rocks conference in Paris

Some new and slightly nicer slides

I’ve done a keynote talk today at the B2BRocks conference at Station F in Paris. It was a slightly special moment because this conference is actually the first SaaS conference I have ever been to—about 6 years ago when I was a student at HEC and Alex. Delivet introduced me to the startup ecosystem. I don’t think I even knew what SaaS was at the time ;)

The initial presentation about the topic —which I have published here— was made for a 2-hour workshop so I have had to rebuild the slides a little to make it fit within the 15 minutes I had today.

Nothing super new but the slides are a little nicer and the presentation is shorter. Hope it can be of help to some early-stage SaaS entrepreneurs starting to build a KPI dashboard or just looking for benchmarks!

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