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Product Market Fit = align Product, Distribution & Customers

What is PMF?

It happens when the product (= set of features that have a clear value proposition) resonates with customers (= which are of a certain type and have defined needs) that you know how to reach and convert (through marketing and sales).

Why don’t I have PMF?

1- Nothing is aligned

2- There is no market or the product is not good enough

3- Distribution is broken

  • A high churn (because you attract the wrong customers) but with a core base of enthusiastic customers who love your product and pay for it (big difference with high churn from #2).
  • Happy customers but poor lead generation

Is PMF forever?

1- The product evolves

2- The targeted customers need to evolve

3- Distribution breaks



P9 is an early-stage VC focused on B2B SaaS and marketplaces. Point Nine Land is where the P9 team (and sometimes members of the wider P9 Family) share their thoughts on SaaS, marketplaces, startups, VC, and more.

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