Road to Product/Market Fit — Episode #1: A PMF Framework

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In the next few weeks I’ll release a series of videos titled “Road to Product / Market Fit” which is designed as a course that you can follow to learn more about the journey to PMF and potentially help you if you are at that stage. We’ll try to keep it short, each video will be less than 10 minutes, and we’ll cover various topics from product to customer discovery, pricing, financing, marketing or HR.

For whom is this series intended? For early stage founders and anyone (employees, students…) interested in learning more about the journey to Product / Market Fit. What we share mostly applies to SaaS / B2B software startups.

In this first episode I start by describing a framework that I use to define Product Market / Fit and I then cover three implications that result from this framework:

  • Getting to PMF is an ‘incremental’ journey (and not a binary state).
  • You’ll likely need to find several PMFs and not only one.
  • Your PMFs will break.

IMPORTANT => as I usually explain to the people I interact with: I don’t pretend to hold the truth nor that everything I say is right or applies to every situation. Just take what I say in these videos as an input to make your OWN opinion and adapt it to your OWN situation. Also if you disagree with me, it’s fine, I won’t be mad :-)

To be kept informed of the following videos 👇