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Feb 11, 2016 · 5 min read

SaaStr Annual Day #2: The VP of Sales All Star Game

Hi we’re Point Nine Capital and we are currently in SF for the awesome SaaStr ’16. For those who cannot attend the event we’ll share recaps (like this one). To be kept informed follow us on Medium.

Building Sales Teams: How, When and Who

Mandy ColeZenefits VP Sales, Sam Jacobs — Livestream SVP Sales & Marketing, Brendon Cassidy — VP Sales Talkdesk

Q: When is it appropriate to start a sales team?

  • The founders should have closed the first 10–20 deals

Q: How do you start your sales team?

  • First hire a couple of reps and think of a VP of sales later

Q: What do you look for the 1st reps?

  • Prefer culture fit and curiosity over experience

Q: Where do you find them?

  • With effective recruiters

Q: What drives millennials?

  • They need to feel that they make a difference

Q: how do you know you have to off-board a sales reps?

  • When in doubt ask yourself: Can he do it? Can he be taught? If he can’t do it but can be taught that’s ok. If he can’t do it and can’t be taught then you know what to do.

Managing and Scaling Globally (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

Christoph Janz — Managing Partner Point Nine Capital, Matt Price Zendesk SVP Global Marketing, Nicolas Dessaigne Algolia CEO, Louis Jonckheere Showpad CEO

This talk was about non US companies going global and what were the key learnings on the way.

Q: When did you realize that you had to be a global company?

  • From day 1 (Algolia, Showpad, Zendesk)

Q: How do you hire to be global?

  • You have to understand that from a cultural pov people sale themselves very differently from one country to the other. So you need to learn and to adapt.

Q: What does it changes in term of customer acquisition?

  • Zendesk saw no significant differences until they went upmarket and started to sell to Fortune 500 companies.

Q: Should European founders directly start in the US?

  • Showpad: start your company in EU, build your product there, find product market fit there and then move to SF once you are scaling.

Q: How do you scale in terms of offices and organisation?

  • Showpad: product team is in the US and the engineering team in EU.

Whale Hunting: Negotiating, Handling, and Closing

Shep MaherGuidespark SVP Sales, Andrea Austin VP Insideview Enterprise Sales, Marc JacobsGreenhouse Software VP Sales

Q: What the best way to get the attention of decision makers?

  • The best way to get in touch with your first customers is always through your own network.

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