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Feb 12, 2016 · 5 min read

SaaStr Annual Day #3: Building a Brand, Getting More Leads and Doing PR the Right Way

Hi we’re Point Nine Capital and here is our SaaStr annual recap for day #3. To be kept informed of our following posts follow us on Medium.

Building an Epic Brand

Jeff YoshimuraElastic VP Marketing Worldwide

Jeff Yoshimura has worked for several successful startups building their brand. Here are some of his key learnings.

Building the AppExchange brand

Building Zuora brand

Building Ayasdi brand (big data analytics)

Building Elastic brand

Elastic is an open source product, so it’s less about pushing the brand to the community but more about encouraging the community to speak about the brand.


How The Hell Do You Get More Leads?

Meagen EisenbergMongoDB CMO

People: what do you need in your team to be successful?

Homepage and form optimization


Lead scoring

Optimize middle of the funnel with nurturing

PR Playbook: The Real Truth. How to Get It. What It Means

Ed Ziton — Founder EZ-PR, Erica Lee — CEO StrategicLee, Sarah Frier — Bloomberg reporter, Colleen Taylor — YCombinator editorial editor, Matt Weinberger — Business Insider

Which metrics matter to journalists?

What do you do if your founders lack charisma?

Some common mistakes when contacting journalists

Point Nine Land

Stories from the P9 team & portfolio companies

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