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State of the German Startup and Venture Capital Landscape, 2017 Edition

A Frontline & Point Nine collaboration: The German startup and VC ecosystem

  • Added predictions about key developments we anticipate for the next 12 months.
  • Updated the various investor overviews.
  • Added a new section about foreign investors investing in Germany.
  • Included some numbers about the development of the funding environment.
  • Added an overview of Corporate VCs and initiatives.
  • Included a list of startups to watch in 2017.
  • Increased readability on mobile devices; more visuals, less text.



P9 is an early-stage VC focused on B2B SaaS and marketplaces. Point Nine Land is where the P9 team (and sometimes members of the wider P9 Family) share their thoughts on SaaS, marketplaces, startups, VC, and more.

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Mathias Ockenfels

I ❤️ network effects @Speedinvest X | Alumni: @Uniplaces @PointNineCap @Naspers @ricardo_ch | Passion for startups, 🏍🥋🥊 ☕️🍫🏃 | VAMO