State of the German Startup and Venture Capital Landscape in 2016

A Frontline & Point Nine collaboration: The German startup and VC ecosystem

When Thomas Olszewski of Frontline Ventures recently approached me for feedback on a research that he prepared about the German Startup and Venture Capital ecosystem I did not hesitate a second to suggest to collaborate on this project: At Point Nine Capital, one of the most frequently asked questions by various stakeholders in and outside of the industry is to explain the structure of the German ecosystem.

We hope that this short but comprehensive presentation helps people to get a good idea of

  • the different funding options for startups from Germany and elsewhere
  • the notable players in the Venture Capital and startup ecosystem
  • the challenges that German tech may face going forward
  • future opportunities & existing winners
  • typical terms offered to startups
  • successful German tech exits thus far

Consider it “work-in-progress” and a “living document” that we will try to update on a regular basis as we gather new insights and get feedback from the community. Any feedback and input will be considered and highly appreciated.
A big thank you to Thomas and the team at Frontline Ventures for taking the lead on this and inviting us to collaborate.

You can download a PDF-Version of the presentation via Dropbox.