The American population has taken strides to soften the blow that comes with separation of service. Our comrade and fellow POD writer Chris Zeitz is writing and updating a post about veterans’ assistance efforts in the form of careers and education. This post is a little different…

The genesis for this blog is Mercedes Carrera, High Preistess of The Porn Charity and she took to YouTube with a good long rant about her encounter with a few things recently. She was out and about and saw people on the side of the road holding up signs stating they were homeless veterans. Now I won’t say that they are not legitimately homeless veterans. There’s always jerks like this lady who drove a Mercedes-Benz and begged for cash in San Diego, so may she rot for her deception. Homeless veterans do exist for a variety of reasons but it usually boils down to lack of job stability, substance abuse, mental health issues, etc…

But Mercedes’ rant struck a chord with me in a strange way- she cared enough to be outraged that veterans could even be homeless. She is offended when “social justice warriors” misappropriate terms usually associated with traumatic experience in service like “triggers” and “PTSD”. She’s a force on the #gamergate movement. If you need an explanation… oh boy- go here, you’re in for a treat. So that’s her online activist profile, least until the other day when she sought to find ways to support veterans. She’s hosted two veterans telling their tales of suicide, job related issues, general veteran issues, etc… and I was one. If you really feel like a two hour diatribe in which I drink scotch talk about those issues please go here.

Over the last year we’ve seen beautiful pieces of art and movement on legislation that will hopefully aid veterans of all ages across the country. Some examples are Five Finger Death Punch’s “Wrong Side of Heaven” music video that was more Hollywood blockbuster than anything else but at the end its message was powerful and had numerous links to charities that it over 26 million viewers could possibly support. Congress passed the Clay Hunt Act which provided for more mental health support to the Veterans Administration.

She’s moved to action and I’m glad. She’s pissed at people who are so weak in character that they claim PTSD from insults hurled on the Internet. She’s angry that someone can have a “trigger” from clapping. She’s searching for a charity that will not shy away from her money simply because of her occupation. I don’t know of one that will and that’s why I wanted to talk to her. We didn’t talk about it on the live stream but Mercedes, someone will work with you and I hope take your concerns about veterans’ assistance seriously. I’m glad you care and I’m glad you’re on our side. Don’t get discouraged and never give up this fight you’ve jumped in.

Thank you.

P.S. This is not a “pro-GamerGate” or “anti-GamerGate” post. So if you’re here to troll… the door is over yonder.

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