Cedric Richmond is running with the Wrong Group on Nancy Pelosi and We Deserve Answers

Nancy Pelois (Photo: CNN)

Let me say this, like her or not, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has been a strong ally of African Americans and the Congressional Black Caucus. I am stunned to see Rep. Cedric Richmond at this meeting. Those who want to topple Leader Pelosi also want to oust James Clyburn. They also want to get rid of the seniority rule for committee leadership posts. If that happened it would decimate the historically high number of black members leading full and sub committees. They support wider rule changes like ending super delegates that would blow a hole in the number of black delegates to the DNCC. They want to change the primary calendar and move states like South Carolina to later in the calendar thus wiping out the first real chance black voters have to influence who our nominees are in future years.

I am all for new leadership. It is why I am a young democrat, however first we need a real replacement and second that person should look out for us. This group that has been making the rounds this week blaming her for our loss in Georgia not only fails to understand political math, but they fail that test of being good for black folk as well.