The story of the Royal Flush winner — 1.6 million TRX

At present, Poker Tron has a total of 6 Royal Flush winners. The highest winning amount is 1.6 million TRX. It is also the highest winning amount in all DAPP games. Let us congratulate the 6 winners.

First Place — 1,600,000 TRX

We have an online interview with winner!

  1. When did you start to play Poker Tron?
    - The first day it started
  2. How many bets you play already, before Win the royal?
    - I dont know exactly, but I have about 23k PKT
  3. Before play Poker Tron, which Dapp you deeply?
    - D**tron is the only other dapp that I hold a lot of their token
  4. Could you give a sentence for who not win royal yet?
    - Take risky bets, but follow a safe video poker strategy. I literally only had about 7k tron left when I won.

Winning Date: April 8th

Second Place (2 Winners) — 80,000 TRX

On April 5th, the second day of the game, the second player won the Royal Flush! The website show bugs and he can’t get the prize! At this time, our team began to check this BUG, ​​because this bug has appeared for 2 days! We suspect that this is not a problem only in UI, but there is something wrong with the backend or smart contract!

Finally, we identified the problem within six hours and replaced the smart contract and manually re-send the winning amount to the winner!

Winning Date: April 7th, April 5th

Third Place — 48,000 TRX

This is the first player to win a Royal Flush! When the prize was won, there was a problem with the smart contract, which led to the inability to transfer the winning TRX to him!

This is also the reason of the UI display bug on the first day. The player is also convinced, and did not respond to our team admin. Instead, gave up this matter directly.

Here we want to say: Not all dapp projects are scammer, ok? Have you received the token that I sent to you later?

Winning Date: April 4th

Fourth Place — 16,000 TRX


Winning Date: April 7th

Fifth Place — 9,600 TRX

This brother, after winning the prize, regretted not increasing the bet, and always said that he was blind!

He said: It is clear that 120 TRX when i pressed.

Winning Date: April 5th

About insufficient funds in smart contract

Poker Tron is a DApp blockchain poker casino, the most interesting of which is that the bet that players win or lose will eventually be returned to all users.

Therefore, when there is a player who is lucky enough to get the Royal Flush, the amount of the balance in the Smart Contract will be reduced immediately.

At this time, the team’s funds will transfer the TRX into the smart contract, so that the balance in the contract can be enough to pay the next prize.

About the maximum betting limit

The initial bet limit is 1000 TRX and the current bet limit is 2000 TRX. As the mining stage increases, the upper limit will eventually be opened to 50,000 TRX.

If the balance in the contract is not enough to pay the highest reward, it will be directly covered by the team!