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Meet the Developer: ONRUSH Studio — Creator of web hit Venge.io

We sat down with Cem Demir, founder of ONRUSH Studio and the developer behind Venge to talk about making and managing a hit game, working with Poki, and the upcoming survival game.

ONRUSH Studio and Poki logo on a multicoloured (purple, teal, pink, yellow) background
Character render of Echo (a Venge character) slamming a hammer into the ground with blue energy spreading through the cracks he made in the ground with the hammer
Echo character render by Roro
Image of the logo for ONRUSH Studio, the studio Cem owns
Onrush Studio logo
Venge.io banner image showing the game logo as well as guns, characters and other game elements
Image of 4 different skins for the same character Lilium looking menacingly at the camera with white eyes
Different Liluim skins all together from VengeGFX
Image showing all statistics for Venge.io after 1 year on Poki. 35 million gameplays, 100 thousand plus daily players, 280 million minutes played in 220 plus countries
Venge.io 1 year anniversary on Poki
Beginning of building a house in ONRUSH’s upcoming survival web game. The floor and walls are created but the video shows the windows and door being put in
Building mechanics in the new ONRUSH survival game
  • Character customization
  • Friends and invite system
  • Day and night / season cycles
  • Weapon and tool crafting
  • Inventory system
  • Sleeping and resource storage
  • Leaderboards
  • Clans
This video shows the building being completed with a second story, ladder, and open roof. Also shows a view of the house from outside
Finished product of the build

We want to push web gaming to the next level. We want to achieve the next big thing.

- Cem Demir



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