The world’s smallest integrated
 multimeter, oscilloscope and logger

Pokit is the world’s smallest integrated multimeter, oscilloscope and logger. It fits in the palm of your hand!

Attach it to your keychain, place it in your pocket, take it where you need to go. With leads that retract at the press of a button Pokit is as convenient as it is small.

“An integrated multimeter, oscilloscope and logger
 that fits in the palm of your hand”

Pokit frees you from the bench and allows you to take your creativity and ingenuity to new places. With Pokit you can measure anything, anywhere.

“Measure anything, anywhere”

Pokit is the perfect tool for makers, technicians and engineers who want great test equipment, without the prohibitive price tag. Pokit offers versatility and accuracy at a fraction of the cost.

“Versatility and accuracy at a fraction of the cost”

Pokit is the tool that makers can make! Pokit is supplied with published APIs allowing you to create your own measurement applications and share them with the Pokit community.

“Make your own measurement applications… share them with the Pokit community”

The possibilities are as unbounded as your imagination!

Smart Device Connectivity

Pokit connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. Simply download the free Pokit App to connect to your device and get started.

Pokit uses the power of your Smart Device to process and display detailed measurements and waveforms.

The touch user interface is intuitive and a pleasure to use. After using Pokit you’ll wonder why you ever needed all those knobs, and why all test gear wasn’t designed this way.

Multimeter Function

Pokit is a full-featured Multimeter that accurately measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and ambient temperature. It also includes a continuity and diode checker.

Measurements are displayed directly on your smartphone in real-time with auto ranging. Simply touch to select a measurement mode.

Digital Oscilloscope

Pokit integrates a single-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope that captures detailed voltage and current waveforms for display on your smartphone. It captures not only voltage, but also current and ambient temperature waveforms.

Simply pinch and drag to set the acquisition voltage scale and time base, and touch to select a trigger mode. Both forced and adjustable level one-time triggers are available.

Captured waveforms are displayed in stunning detail. Pinch and drag to zoom and pan waveforms. Place measurement cursors to also display differential time and amplitude measurements.

Data Logger

Pokit functions as a stand-alone data logger that logs temperature, voltage or current waveforms for periods up to 12 months without a connection to a phone.

Use the attachable probe clips to attach it to whatever you want to measure. Connect with your phone to download logged data.

Save, Export and Share Data

Pokit allows you to name and save waveforms and logs. Export your captured data as needed or share it with friends.


Pokit’s hardware is versatile and capable. Over time Pokit’s creators intend to offer new analysis capabilities and features through App upgrades (see future goals for more info).

Open Source

The maker community is founded on development platforms that are customisable and where creativity can be shared. Why should your test and measurement tools be any different?

In this regard, Pokit is a game changer! Pokit comes with open APIs that let you create your own measurement applications and share them with others.

Paul, one of the creators of Pokit said, “We had originally thought to develop the apps and new features ourselves, but became convinced that more could be achieved by sharing”. Pokit’s capabilities and features are now as unbounded as the imagination of the people who use it.