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POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Oct 1)

Bitcoin is up +0.6% to $43.6k, ETH is up the same +0.6% to $3k. Movers are OMG POLY +20%, ALICE +13%, POWR SAND +11%, CHR STMX +9%, no standouts on the downside.

Jerome Powell told Congress he has “no intention to ban” Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in the same manner as China has done, during a grilling session for hearing for a second term.

Visa shares its concept called “Universal Payments Channel”, which is a concept for payments between cross-chain CBDCs.

A Twitter executive has revealed test footage of verification tools for verified NFT profile pics, which could fast become another measure of status next to the blue-checkmark.

TikTok is also jumping into the NFT game, as they are set to release Ethereum-based NFTs with Lil Nas X, Gary Vee and Grimes, among others.

Coinbase has listed AVAX, a long awaited listing by the community, which is well known to be another Ethereum challenger.

MiamiCoin has generated $7M already according to Mayor Francis Suarez.

Point72 Ventures is leading a $35M Series-C round for Zero Hash, a crypto derivatives exchange turned tech provider to retail brokers & fintech firms.

A judge has thrown out about half of the claims in a class-action lawsuit by the Southern District Court of NY alleging that exchanges Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex, stablecoin operator Tether and others manipulated crypto markets.

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