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POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 28)

Bitcoin is -4% at $42.5k, ETH is softer -6.4% to just under $3k. Movers are FTM +10%, PNT BZRX +9%, REN -10%, AST ADX -9%.

Coinbase is releasing a new feature to allow for millions of US workers to receive BTC directly as compensation, allowing for the first iteration of getting paid in Bitcoin.

Emurgo, which is the commercial arm of Cardano, is going to invest $100M in DeFi, NFTs and blockchain education.

Facebook announced it will spend $50M over the next two years on metaverse related initiatives and partnerships through the XR Progam and Research Fund.

Morgan Stanley has recommended boomers to buy Silvergate stock as it provides commercial banking and lending services to crypto firms — we wonder how many times MoStan’s compliance rejected SWIFT requests from Silvergate?

Atari’s founder Nolan Bushnell is launching an augmented reality NFT on Ethereum via MakersPlace called the ‘The Arcade OG Series’.

Bitfinex just spent $23.7M in transaction fees to send $100k of USDT, in what looks like a fat-finger on a transaction between Bitfinex and it’s DeFi spin-off DeversiFi.

OKCoin announced they will be launching a ‘SATs Mode’ in an effort to cater to retail client demand for Bitcoin (SATs are 1/1000 of a whole BTC).

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