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POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 30)

Bitcoin is up +3% to $43k, ETH is +3.5% to $2980. Movers are OMG +22%, BNB +10%, WABI +8%, CELR -9%, DENT COMP -8%.

Twitter has started rolling out the tipping feature in BTC calling it ‘Twitter Tips’, allowing users to link up their Venmo, Cash App or Patreon accounts.

Naval’s AngelList has embraced DeFi by allowing investors to use USDC-enabled funds on its site, making the investment process into crypto startups much simpler.

The non-custodial exchange dYdX now accounts for more than all other DEX trading — combined.

Solana-based NFT platform Metaplex Studios has named a new CEO and advisory board in efforts to drive growth of the open-source platform for building NFT storefronts — former Citadel & Google executive Adam Jeffries will be CEO.

The first ever multi-crypto ETF in North America launched overnight in Canada called $ETC, which will hodl BTC + ETH.

Ripple has announced a “creator fund” worth $250M to support NFT projects building on its native XRP ledger.

The newly announced NFL NFT marketplace by Dapper Labs is looking to launch by early Jan 2022, just in time for the new season to kickoff.

And lastly, Google search finally gets dark mode.

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