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POKKET: Today’s Crypto Market Commentary (March 12)

Bitcoin enjoying a 3.5% rise as Nancy Pelosi does a shimmy to the stimmy bill, BTC at $57.8k. ETH following close behind, +3% now trading $1840. Movers dominated by NFT; SOC MATIC CHZ +50%, OGN +20%, WABI +17%, DLT OAX +15%, and the rest follow along in altcoin season.

WTF headline of the day is Beeple’s digital artwork selling at Christie’s first ever NFT auction, fetching $69M and placing it the third most expensive art the house ever auctioned.

Boomer co’s are continuing their way into crypto, with American Residential Warranty making an investment into BTC and will accept crypto payment for services.

River Financial is a Bitcoin biz catering to investors over 50, raising $12M in Series-A funding and has $1B in AUM already.

Lastly, WisdomTree, which has 68 ETFs across global assets, has now filed for a Bitcoin ETF.

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