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POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (January 28)

Bitcoin & ETH are correcting, both down 6~7%, $30300 & $1245. Before we get to movers, UNI has jumped to $15 in a week, up 92%, almost mocking those who sold their free tokens in the airdrop. Movers are VALUE +26%, SXP +23%, BQX +10%, AST ENJ -17%, SRM SNM -15%, APPC RLC MTH -14%, and rest are lower today.

Lots of FUD from regulators, with the latest coming from BIS saying Bitcoin might ‘break down altogether’, and was shilling his CBDC, saying ‘if digital currencies are needed, central banks should be the ones to issue them’.

On a positive note, Ninepoint raised $180M USD in an IPO for a Bitcoin trust on the Toronto exchange. Reddit has tapped the Ethereum foundation to scale its crypto rewards, and will open source developed tech.

In traditional markets SPX -2.4%, FAANGs -3.4%, GME +134.8%🔥 ← TD Ameritrade has restricted trading on r/WallStreetBets names, while NASDAQ and Biden administration closely monitor the situation. Novogratz and Scaramucci are saying what’s on everyone’s minds in crypto — this situation is a giant endorsement of decentralised finance.

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