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POKKET: Today’s Market Commentary (March 3)

Bitcoin & ETH are softer, BTC -3% to $48k, ETH -5% to $1485. Movers are CRV +24%, ANT +23%, CHZ +16%, ENJ +15%, MTH -10% in Pokket universe.

NFT’s had a blockbuster as volumes in Feb surpassed all of 2020 combined. Paris Hilton is even getting in on the action, again actually, after being enticed by Kim Dotcom.

Big M&A headline in crypto, with PayPal looking to buy Curv with sources saying bid is at $500M.

Latest report from Glassnode shows only 4M of BTC is left in circulation now as institutions gobble up the corn. BitGo revealed it is holding $250M in BTC, and has had BTC on its balance sheet since 2014.

Amazon Managed Blockchain now finally support Ethereum nodes, meaning AWS clients can now easily connect to mainnet & testnets in minutes. Way to go on the A to Z, Jeff!

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