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POKKET Update 30 Apr 2020 is now live!

We have just released a new update on our platform.

Here is what’s new:

  • Addition of USDT collateral choice
    Now you can choose between USDT and TUSD for your collateral asset choice when you’re making a new fixed saving. When the fixed saving is matured, you will be paid in your chosen collateral asset if the saving is converted. For example, when you create a BTC fixed saving and choose USDT as a collateral asset choice, you will be paid in USDT if the BTC price is above the 110% threshold at maturity, and vice versa.
  • Option to Cancel pending fixed savings
    You can now cancel the fixed savings request you’ve created before the Settlement Time at 07:00 UTC each day. Just go to your Account page, My Savings screen, click on the pending fixed savings box and use the new Pending savings popup menu to cancel the request. However, for fixed savings that are already created, you will not be able to cancel them before the maturity.
  • New popup menu for creating Fixed Savings
    We’ve redesigned the popup menu for creating new fixed savings, to incorporate these new changes. You can still go to your Account page, Token list and click on the tokens to create new fixed savings, but now you can choose your collateral asset choice, choose the automatic rollover (autoroll) option on or off, using the new popup menu.
  • Improved autoroll with no delay
    If you choose to select autoroll option by selecting Automatic Rollover as ON from the new popup menu for creating new fixed savings, once the fixed saving is matured after the 7 day period, new fixed savings are created automatically on the same day without waiting for the next Settlement Time to be confirmed. For already created and active fixed savings, you can still choose to turn autoroll on or off, by checking the check-box on the tokens in My Savings screen on your Account page.
  • Naming changes of Account page menus
    Fixed Savings screen is renamed My Savings, and Balance screen is renamed My Wallet in the Account page.
  • Additional withdrawal times (starting from May 6th)
    We’ve added 2 more withdrawal processing times for weekdays and 1 more for weekends, in addition to the 07:00 UTC withdrawal processing time. Customer withdrawals from the customer wallet at POKKET can be requested anytime, but is executed 3 times a day during weekdays at 02:00 UTC, 07:00 UTC, and 07:30 UTC; and twice a day during weekends at 07:00 UTC and 07:30 UTC. However, this change will take effect starting from May 6th.

Thank you all for your continued support as we work towards further development of the crypto market.

Created by finance professionals, POKKET is a new digital asset savings account service. We pay you interest on the digital assets you save with us at a fixed period of one-week. Choose from one of the 30+ token selections to create a fixed savings. We grow your future wealth.

Learn more at POKKET.com



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