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POKKET Weekly News: The Week In Crypto (27 Jul–2 Aug)

Bitcoin broke through the $10,000 barrier this week, surging as much as 20% to briefly touch $12,000. Ethereum also shot up as much as 30% to $400 levels, highest in 2 years. With the increased volatility in BTC and ETH, our interest rates have also risen.

Speaking of ETH, Ethereum turned 5 on July 30. Here’s a look back on its half a decade of history, the 3 largest companies building on Ethereum, and what happened to its 8 co-founders since then.

In other news, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has warned of the dangers of ‘smart contract risk’ in DeFi protocols in an interview to mark Ethereum’s fifth birthday.

While you’re at it, check out our interest rates including our top 10 earning tokens below.

Here are this week’s highlights

Diginex Set for NASDAQ Listing in September, Launches Singapore Exchange

Hong Kong-based crypto trading platform operator Diginex is set to go public in September on the American NASDAQ stock exchange after winning permission from the market regulator — claiming that it will become the “first digital asset exchange to be listed in the United States.” In an interview with Bloomberg, the CEO stated, “The tone for the United States and those important stock markets means we’re going to start to see more and more of this industry come to market.”…

Federal Agents Arrest Suspected 17-Year-Old Twitter Hack ‘Mastermind’ in Florida

On Friday a 17-year-old Tampa teenager was arrested in Florida for allegedly being the “mastermind” behind the July 15 Twitter hack that saw a great number of high profile accounts compromised. The hack also netted roughly $120,000 worth of bitcoins by leading unknowing individuals to doubler scams. The suspect Graham Clark has been charged with over 30 felonies and was taken into custody by the FBI, Secret Service, and Florida law enforcement…

Philippines Central Bank May Decide on CBDC Issuance by Next Month

Another day, another central bank said it (conditionally) wants to issue a digital currency. This week it is the turn of the Philippines, whose central bank has created a committee that will examine the feasibility and policy implications of issuing a digital version of the fiat peso. Per Bloomberg, the Governor, Benjamin Diokno said that they “have to first look at the findings of the group before making a decision.”…

BOJ appoints new head for department overseeing digital currencies

TOKYO (Reuters) — The Bank of Japan on Friday appointed its top economist as head of a department overseeing research on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), as it steps up efforts to keep pace with a global drive towards embracing financial innovation. Kazushige Kamiyama will head the BOJ’s payments and settlement department, which has conducted joint research with other central banks on CBDCs and looked into how the growing presence of crypto-currencies could affect central banking…

Indian Government Confirms Crypto Bill Is ‘Awaiting Approval’

The Indian government has confirmed in a Right to Information (RTI) reply that the inter-ministerial committee’s cryptocurrency bill is “awaiting approval of the government.” The bill is currently being examined by various ministries…

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