Kraków In Your Pocket

October-November 2017

Ulica Kanonicza, part of our Old Town Walking Tour. Photo ©Przemek Czaja / Made in Krakow

It’s only been two measly months, but we’re back again with another fully updated print edition of the best damn guide to Kraków on the market (lucky you, poor us). This issue’s main feature — a carefully constructed walking tour of Kazimierz, the former Jewish district (p.6) — is the culmination of our year-long effort to improve the user experience of our guide with detailed maps in each Sightseeing section, and explicit tourist trails that direct you towards the city’s most essential sites. We feel quite confident that within these pages we’ve included everything you could possibly ever need or want to know about Kraków — plus an additional 100-odd pages of extraneous info on top of that (we’re masochists) — so take this opportunity to unwind, unplug, disconnect, decelerate and actually feel like you’re on holiday. This glossy, compact, high-speed guide works offline, so the only reason to take your phone out should be for snapping selfies at all the sublime places it’s helping you discover (or just ask someone to take your photo for god sakes, they’ll do a better job, and stop pouting — stop it). For those of you conditioned to stay connected, use the hashtag #polandinyourpocket, find out what’s happening via, and leave us comments about the places you visited at But more than anything, support our efforts by reading this guide and having a great time in Kraków.

11 new reviews in this issue

  1. Tao Garden (Salwator): Delicious pad thai, huge portions of tempura, Thai satay, dim sum and all the fresh sushi you can imagine, plus plum wine and sake. Keep reading
  2. Pizzatopia (Old Town): A casual and cleverly branded pizza joint on bustling ul. Szewska is all about personalising your pie. Keep reading
  3. Huciak Food Truck Park (Nowa Huta): Stationed next to the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre you’ll find Belgian fries, natural food products, burgers, plus more on weekends and during special events. Keep reading
  4. Boccanera (Old Town): A sister establishment of La Grande Mamma, Fiorentina and Bianca (to name only a few) at the top of Kraków’s hierarchy of Italian restaurants. Keep reading
  5. Enklawa Restaurant & Cocktail Bar (Tytano): The food is essentially Polish, but gone contemporary with natural ingredients and clearly marked gluten-free options. Keep reading
  6. Euskadi (Podgórze): imported Spanish products and fresh seafood flown in from Venice, this tiny restaurant is Kraków’s only Basque eatery. Keep reading
  7. BROPUB Craft Beer & Burgers (Stradom): Tucked back in a courtyard in the no-mans-land between the Old Town and Kazimierz, it makes a perfect pit stop if you’re on a pub crawl. Keep reading
  8. Kufle i Widelce (near Tytano): Steins & Forks is careful to go the extra mile on all fronts with some quite exotic brews on their 8 taps, and special emphasis on their food. Keep reading
  9. Artophrenics Art Studio & Gallery: A young couple’s vision of a less sterile and more social space for art where you can engage directly with the artists. Keep reading
  10. Historyland (main train station): Learn the history of Poland throughout the centuries with these 10 interactive exhibits made from over 1 million LEGO blocks. Keep reading
  11. Papugarnia Amazonia (Main Market Square): meet with, learn about and even feed upwards of 40 brightly coloured, beautiful birds from over 15 different species. Keep reading
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