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Top 5 ways to get better qualified ppc leads

Google Adwords and other forms of pay per click advertising can be incredibly effective tools for generating leads, but the competition is stiff. It’s important to make sure the potential customers hitting your conversion funnel are qualified leads. No doubt you want to ensure each and every lead you pay for has a high likelihood of conversion. Here are some of our suggestions for improving the quality of your pay per click leads.

Know your customer

Seems like a no brainer, but sometimes there’s a serious disconnect between who you think your customers are, and who they really are. We recommend you spend time gathering information about your customer demographics and customer motivation. Most PPC advertising platforms offer some form of demographics targeting that when applied can dramatically improve the quality of leads. Knowing your customer’s motivation can be the difference between having an effective ad that attracts qualified leads and wasting half your budget on people with no real interest in your product. See our article on knowing your customer to read more about our thoughts on this topic.

Target highly relevant keywords

This one is tricky. Sometimes knowing what constitutes a truly relevant keyword comes with trial and error. Proper conversion tracking will help you narrow down the winners and losers. Make sure you are using phrase match and exact match keywords with all of your ad groups, and that your broad match terms aren’t bringing in searches that appear unrelated to your goal. If you haven’t added a few long tail keywords then you’re probably missing at least a few quality keywords that could bring in some of your best leads. We love long tail keywords because you can pay a little more for much better leads.

Keep your negative keyword list up to date

Negative keywords are, well, the key to filtering out poor quality leads. We recommend having a universal negative keyword, as well as an individualized negative keyword list for each campaign. If you aren’t using the search terms report to review what customers are searching then you’re likely losing a lot of money to poor quality leads. At Polar Advertising we have more than a few long running campaigns and we still find that google searches can surprise us. Make sure to review and update your negative keyword lists at least weekly if not daily. Newer campaigns often need to be updated daily because you’ll likely have missed some obvious negative keywords, no matter how thorough you may think you’ve been.

Include pricing in your ad copy

When a customer asks us why they’re spending so much money but still not getting good leads, one of the first things we ask is if they put pricing in their ads. If you’re selling a product or service adding pricing is a great way to create an extra layer of filtering to your advertising funnel. The earlier in the process you can eliminate bad leads, the better your end result. Google wants your money, they will compensate for the drop in clicks by showing your ad until somebody (hopefully a qualified lead) takes the dive. Use ad extensions or even just ad copy to clearly state your pricing and you can bet your lead quality will improve, plus you’ll be saving your budget for qualified customers only.

Ask the people who don’t convert

Despite common belief optimization shouldn’t end after the lead comes. Unfortunately most businesses stop talking to their customers at a “no” when the customer turns down their product or service. Don’t be afraid to ask customers who don’t convert why they decided not to purchase your service or product. Some of the most useful information for ppc campaign optimization comes straight from the horse’s mouth. You’ll be surprised how willing non-converting leads are to share their reasons for turning you down, and those reasons will help you make specific changes to your ppc campaign. Remember to always ask the people who don’t convert why they made that decision and how you can change their mind.


When your ppc campaign is limited by a budget quality over quantity is a necessity. In our experience making these 5 changes can dramatically improve the quality of leads by improving filtering at all levels of your customer funnel. To sum up:

  1. Know your customer
  2. Target highly relevant keywords
  3. Keep your negative keyword list up to date
  4. Include pricing in your ad copy
  5. Ask the people who don’t convert

Originally published at https://www.polaradvertising.com on June 2, 2019.




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