Go Boldly Forward!

Years ago, the phrase was uttered by a mentor as he guided me through the finer points of software development. It accompanied a task or request that I didn’t fully grasp. Despite my own uncertainly, he believed that I knew enough to get started.

Since the beginning, I appreciated the phrase because it articulates the tension between confidence, risk, and progress. It’s as much about how you move as it is about the direction.

Years later, “Go Boldly Forward” has evolved into the ethos of our work at Polar Notion. It’s an attitude as much as a battle cry. We use it to challenge our team, our clients, and ourselves. It is woven throughout the work we do, the way we do it, and who we are. Constant, courageous, forward movement.

In our world of rapid change, those who stand still fall behind and those who shrink back go unnoticed. We push for continuous improvement, courageous action, and thoughtful discourse in order to discover new opportunities.

It’s led us into business, growing our team, trying new service offerings, developing products, and much more.

Our push for boldness and courage is largely why we love working with code school students. The type of person who pursues unconventional education and operates far outside their comfort zone is one we resonate with.

We look for that attitude in our clients as well. The freedom to experiment, challenge conventional thinking, and unearth new possibilities makes the process and the outcome more enjoyable. A special loyalty and commitment is awarded those who provide us the creative breadth to explore.

As our team has evolved over the years, this attitude has served us well. There will always be risk, doubt, and uncertainty but we go boldly forward.

Polar Notion

Creating Remarkable Experiences Using Web and Mobile Technology

Morgan J. Lopes

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CEO @polarnotion. CTO @newstorycharity. Run fast. Stay strong. Go boldly forward. Godspeed :: morgan@polarnotion.com

Polar Notion

Creating Remarkable Experiences Using Web and Mobile Technology