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Leading Engineers on Atlanta’s Human-centered Creative Team

Morgan J. Lopes
Oct 1, 2018 · 3 min read

At Polar Notion, we’ve gotten great at two things over the years… delivering remarkable web/mobile apps for clients and creating an education-rich environment for software engineers. We are searching for an experienced senior software engineer with the skills and ability to mentor and lead architecture within our team.

With a balance of new projects and long-term relationships, there are fresh opportunities to sharpen skills and flex dev-muscles.

Our traditional stack with clients is Ruby on Rails, Rspec, React, Postgres, Heroku, and AWS. Testing is important to us and plays an important role in project of all sizes. Someone capable and confident in a full-stack environment will be most comfortable. We manage projects in Asana, collaborate in Github, and push all team + client conversations to Slack.

See how we work with clients here:

Also, if you had to build a Venn Diagram for the ideal skill and interests, see below:

We are looking for someone who can level up our team and improve our ability to think strategically and help clients balance tradeoffs. Seeking to continually improve, we want to uncover blindspots and polishing our engineering processes.

You will…


Adaptability is important. Other than aligning with our company values, we’re not so rigid as to require anything else…

Our Values

We pursue excellence, not perfection.

Whether the work we do or the way we do it, quality is at the forefront of our minds. Mistakes happen, but our pursuit of excellence means we learn fast and are constantly improving.

We create remarkable experiences.

A remarkable experience for our team, our clients, and their customers is our priority. It comes down to honor, respect, and communication.

We are effectively human.

Though playfully put, being ‘effectively human’ captures the tension of programing cold, rigid machines for living, breathing people. Efficiency and productivity are important, but aren’t the goal. We engineer solutions that amplify human experiences.

We go boldly forward.

Courageous, forward movement is key to innovating and doing work that matters. We collaborate and push ourselves to improve and bring others with us.

As an unagency-agency…

Check us out on the line… If you or someone you know is a great fit, complete the form below:

Polar Notion

Creating Remarkable Experiences Using Web and Mobile Technology

Morgan J. Lopes

Written by

CEO @polarnotion. CTO @newstorycharity. Run fast. Stay strong. Go boldly forward. Godspeed ::

Polar Notion

Creating Remarkable Experiences Using Web and Mobile Technology

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