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Polars Angels Program

Polars Angels are the first 1000 users who actively participate in the development of the platform and invite new users to the platform, engage in educational activities and train new users. Angels gain several significant benefits. For example,15% increase in referral income and automatic distribution of new referrals who came to the platform on their own.

In the article about Polars Farming, we talked in detail about rewards in POL tokens based on user activity. Let’s recall the list of activities for which you can receive a reward:

  • Liquidity Providing to the Trade Pool
  • Your Personal Trading Volume on the platform
  • Referral Trading Volume

Today we will talk about rewards that are accrued based on the Referral Trading Volume. If you invite a user and he makes a trading volume of $ 1000, then you will receive a reward of 5 POL for this. You can invite an unlimited number of users and motivate them to trade on the Polars platform, increasing your influence and income.

In order for you to be able to invite users and make them your referrals, you need your personal User ID. When a user registers his wallet address in the referral system, he must enter the User ID of the user who invited him. User ID registration allows you to receive rewards not only in the “Referral Trading Volume” direction but also in the “Your Personal Trading Volume on the platform” direction.

Only the first 1000 users will be able to get their User ID without an invitation or additional conditions. And only the first 1000 users will receive 15% more referral deductions than the rest. These first 1000 users will be called Polars Angels. If a user registers in the referral system on his own and does not enter the User ID of the one who invited him, he automatically falls under one of the Polars Angels in a certain order. Thus, Polars Angels will be able to build up their referral base passively.

The first 1999 users including Angels will be able to get their User ID simply by registering in the referral system without additional conditions. Starting from the 2000th user, in order to register in the system, the user must have 500 POL on the wallet. As the number of users increases, the amount of POL required to register on your wallet will increase. Please note that you do not need to spend your tokens, In order to regularly receive rewards under the referral program, you only need to keep these tokens in your wallet. The more tokens on the wallet, the greater the reward.

How to become a Polars Angel?

The first 500 Angels will be selected from the tPOL Airdrop. You need to make as many tPOLs out of your initial 450 tPOLs as possible. Those users who manage to get the maximum profit will get the opportunity to become Polars Angels.

The remaining 500 Angels will be selected by the community based on their contribution to the development of Polars. These can be various merits, Polars Friend status, users who will participate in bounty programs, community development, marketing, etc.


Early platform users and users who are actively involved in the development of the project can obtain the status of Polars Angels. This will allow you to receive increased income from referral deductions. Additionally, Polars Angels have an exclusive opportunity to automatically receive referrals if a new user came to the platform not by invitation, but independently. This will allow the Angels to receive hundreds and thousands of referrals automatically during the growth of the platform.


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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