Polars: Big Trading Competition on the testnet ($300k+, NFT and 30% Airdrop)

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4 min readSep 28, 2021

Polars is launching the Mainnet very soon. At the moment, we are testing smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain for the last time and adapting new interfaces taking into account the re-design. Once we are fully ready we will launch Big introductory and educational trading competition on the HECO Chain Testnet. Our main task is to show users the advantages of the platform, familiarize them with the mechanics and uncover earning opportunities. For this we, together with our sponsors and partners, are ready to reward you with a large prize fund and Airdrop.

About 15 sponsors and partners add their tokens, NFT and other bonuses to the prize pool. The total value of the prizes already exceeds $ 300k. Very soon we will begin to consistently announce the list of our sponsors and disclose their contribution to the prize pool.

70% of the total prize pool will be shared by the top100 users with the maximum USDT balance. Prize-winning rare historical NFTs will be drawn among the top 100 and among users who have 500 or more POL tokens in their wallet. The remaining 30% of the prize pool will be equally distributed in the form of an airdrop among all participants in the trading competition who have fulfilled the necessary conditions. Additionally, users will be able to receive rewards in POL tokens for the trading volume of invited referrals, as well as for their own trading volume if all the necessary conditions of the referral program are met.

Each participant will be awarded 500 test USDT. The task of each user within 10 days of the trading competition is to maximize the initial deposit. To do this, users can buy, sell and exchange polar WHITE and BLACK tokens, make predictions, trade, arbitrate and add assets to liquidity.

One of the main rules is that you cannot transfer BUSD, WHITE, BLACK, PTPT (Pool token od Trade Pool) between user accounts. Do not send your tokens to anyone, otherwise you will be banned.

In order to participate in receiving rewards, the user must maintain an active status for all 10 days of the trading competition. To do this, you need to perform at least one active action per day (Prediction, trade, arbitrage). If the user is not active, he will not qualify for the airdrop. But the user will be able to continue to fight for the top100, since it will take literally a few super-active days to win.

In total, you can get:

  • Mandatory Airdrop, which consists of 30% of the prize pool. (About $100k)
  • Big prizes if you get into the top100, which consist of 70% of the prize pool. (About $200k)
  • Rare historical NFTs, if your wallet has at least 500 POL, or if you get into the top100.
  • 5 POL for every $ 1000 of the trading volume of the referral you invite as part of a trading competition.
  • 10 POL for every $ 1000 of trading volume you create as part of a trading competition.

How can you register?

Follow just 3 short steps:

  1. Register in the referral program (Registration is required, but getting your own referral link and having 500 POL is not required. You can do this at will): https://t.me/referralServiceBot
  2. Info Bot. After registering your wallet with the referral bot, you will find a link to register with the Polars Info Bot.
  3. After registering your wallet with the Polars Info bot, you will find a link to Google form. Fill out the Google form to enter the competition and receive prizes and Airdrop: https://forms.gle/WAr1Mu64AwZAnJUa7

If you have followed all 3 steps, you will definitely be credited with 500 test USDTs on the Huobi Eco Chain Testnet a few days before the start of the big trading competition.

Additional features

If you want to earn even more guaranteed, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the referral program. You will be able to receive rewards based on the trading volume of the referrals you invite, and most importantly, based on your own trading volume in a trading competition. This program can make you richer. Explore the details here: https://medium.com/polars-platform/polars-referral-program-trading-volume-rewards-2c0464390c4

If your wallet has more than 500 POL, you will participate in the distribution of rare historical NFTs. Make the most of this event!


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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