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In previous articles, we sorted out all the updates before the launch of the main network, burned 400 million POL tokens, proved the availability of a guaranteed trading volume on the platform, and also learned how to calculate the profitability for liquidity providers in the Trade Pool. In this article, we will tell you how many POL tokens you can earn for showing activity on the Polars platform.

Within the framework of Polars tokenomics, 62.5% of all POL tokens have been allocated to reward user activity in the form of Farming, namely 1B POL. We want the most active users of the Polars platform to become the main POL holders over the next 5 years. Considering the fact that within a year Polars will be transformed into a DAO, we would like to see that in the future, the course of the project’s development will be managed mainly by active users of the platform.

Farming Concept

Users can receive rewards in POL tokens for several types of activity on the platform:

  1. It is possible to be a liquidity provider in the Trade Pool and receive a reward in POL tokens based on the amount of liquidity provided.
  2. You can place bets, trade and arbitrage on the Polars platform (Prediction Pool and Trade Pool) and receive rewards in POL tokens based on the generated trading volume.
  3. You can invite other users (referrals) to the Polars platform and get rewarded in POL tokens based on the generated trading volume from the invited referrals.
  4. It is possible to be a polar token liquidity provider for third party accredited pools as well as POL token based pools.

Farming Tokenomics

[100%]Total POL for Farming: 1,000,000,000 POL

  • [50%]Trade Pool LP Farming: 500,000,000 POL
  • [20%]Trading Volume Farming: 200,000,000 POL
  • [20%]Referral Trading Volume Farming: 200,000,000 POL
  • [10%]POL Liquidity Farming & 3rd Party Pools for polar tokens: 100,000,000 POL

Farming Speed

Trade Pool LP Farming.

The base volume of liquidity, which is taken into account in the calculations, is $ 1 Billion. This means that with a given volume of liquidity provided, the speed of pharming will be full. If the amount of liquidity provided is less, then the rate of farming will be proportionally slower. Additionally, the speed of farming decreases as tokens are gradually distributed among users:

% FROM 0 TO 200MLN POL — 0,3% per Day
% FROM 200MLN TO 300MLN POL — 0,25% per Day
% FROM 300MLN TO 400MLN POL — 0,2% per Day
% FROM 400MLN TO 500MLN POL — 0,15% per Day

LP farming speed formula:
Let’s say users have added $100M to the Trade Pool. Therefore, the daily farming will be equal to:
$100,000,000 / $1,000,000,000 *0.3%*500,000,000 POL = 150,000 POL/per day.

* 0.3% will be changed by 0.25% -0.15% depending on the number of distributed tokens.

Trading Volume Farming

The rate of POL distribution based on the perfect trading volume linearly depends on the trading volume for a particular user and is 0.01 POL per $1 of the created trading volume.

Trading Volume Farming speed formula:
Trading Volume ($)*0,01 POL.

Referral Trading Volume Farming

The POL distribution speed based on the trading volume created by the invited referrals linearly depends on the trading volume for specific users and is 0.005 POL per $ 1 of the created trading volume.

Referral Trading Volume Farming speed Formula:
Referral Trading Volume ($)*0,005 POL.

POL Liquidity Farming & 3rd Party Pools for polar tokens

The farming speed in this category will be adjusted individually in each case. The basic parameters of farming are set by the Polars team, and then DAO users by voting.


First, make a copy of the calculator for yourself so that you can edit it and paste your data into the yellow cells.

Let’s start with the total trade volume in the Prediction Pool, Trade Pool and average total Trade Pool liquidity. Let’s assume that the trading volume in the Prediction Pool was $ 4M per month, and the trading volume in the Trade Pool was $ 3M per month. Average total Trade Pool liquidity — $1M:

Next, insert your personal data: Your Trade Pool Liquidity, Your personal trading volume, and the trading volume of your referrals. Let’s assume it’s $10k, $200k and $400k:

The data has been added. Now you can see the specific results. We see in the calculator that in total you will receive 4015 POL for this month.

Now you can insert any data in the yellow cells and predict your potential profitability from the staking activity. We wish you every success. Thanks for your support.


Thanks to the fundamental Farming mechanism, in the next few years, the most active users who place bets, trade, arbitrate, are liquidity providers and also invite new users to the Polars platform will own the main supply of POL tokens. We are confident that this system of rewards for activity on the platform is as fair as possible for each Polars stakeholder. In the following articles, we will talk about the possibilities of fundamental staking on the Polars platform, which, in combination with the fundamental farming mechanics, will significantly increase the efficiency for long-term holders of the POL token.


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