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Polars Partnership Bounty

You already know that the Big Trading Competition will start soon on the testnet, which is timed to coincide with the launch of the Polars mainnet. The prize pool for sponsors and partners in this competition will be over $ 200k and additional NFT kits. When forming the prize fund, we partially use our own resources, but most of it comes from our sponsors and partners. Sponsors provide project tokens and NFTs to the prize fund of the trading competition, and we make a mutual set of marketing activities for them. Against this background, we are preparing many partnership agreements with various projects.

But this is only the first big public trading competition. A few weeks after the end of this competition, the next competition will be launched, but already in the Polars mainnet. Trading competitions with an impressive prize pool will be held regularly (1–2 times a month). In order for the prize fund to grow every time and be grandiose, we need new sponsorships and partnerships.

Partnership Bounty Program

We invite each of you to take part in Polars Business Development and are ready to reward you for this. You can help us organize partnerships with projects that have their own token or NFT.

The project gives us:
1. Tokens or NFTs to the prize pool of the trading competition
2. Advertising of the trading competition in the social networks of the sponsor project

We give them:
1. Announcement in Telegram, Twitter, Medium groups.
2. Sending information to a user base 53,000 Users
3. Taking motivated action (Registering on the platform, subscribing to social networks or mailing lists, watching a video + taking a survey.
4. Placing a logo on the site in the Trading Competition section.
5. Mentioning information about the company in videos on Youtube that will be released by influencers and opinion leaders
6. Mention of the sponsor company in the announcement of the upcoming event on Polars
7. Mention of the sponsor company in the announcement of the results of the past event
8. Placement of the brand banner in the event information block on the main page of the application + design of the website background for the selected event.

Your bounty reward:

  • Contribution to the prize pool from $ 5000 to $ 9999. You get 3% in the form of POL tokens
  • Contribution to the prize pool of $ 10,000 and above. You get 5% in the form of POL tokens

Example. You have attracted a project that is ready to take part in our sponsorship program and ready to add $ 15k to the prize pool. In this case, you will receive a reward of $ 750 in POL tokens.

How to look for partners

  • Perhaps you yourself are the owner of the crypto project, in this case, just write to Telegram @polars_partnership, or to the mail az@polars.io and we will agree on everything :)
  • You yourself participate in some interesting crypto projects as token holders or have personal acquaintances with the owners of such projects, write, we will provide all the conditions, a presentation, answer any questions
  • Find outlets to responsible persons on your own through various services

Let’s consider the last point in more detail.

It is important to understand that it is worthwhile to devote time only to projects that really deserve attention and are not a scam.

Coinmarketcap — here you can find past ICOs that may need advertising or completed ones who want to do additional marketing for the project.

Coinmarketcap ICO lists

  • Icobench.com — Similarly as in the first case, with the only difference that you can find projects there starting from 2017, as well as find contacts of all founders and CEOs of projects for communication.

Icobench.com ICO lists

ICO project team

Search for CEO in crypto via Linkedin

  • Search for contacts of project owners / founders on Linkedin. Almost the entire team of crypto projects has Linkedin profiles and you can write a message to them. Here is a sample query for a Linkedin search.
  • Communicate in professional communities, where members may have personal contacts with the owners of these projects.

There are a dozen more such examples. We will be very happy if you take part and help us attract additional partners for future activities. This will greatly help the project, there will be more competitions and competitions, prize funds will become even more interesting, and you will receive your worthy reward.

For all questions, write to Alex on Telegram @polars_partnership, or email az@polars.io


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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