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Polars: Referral program for everyone + Bonus

You can receive 0.005 POL for every $1 of the trading volume of the referral you refer. That is, for every $1000 of the trading volume of the referral you invited, you will receive 5 POL.

A total of 200 million POL is intended for the referral program, which will be credited over the entire time it takes to complete $10 Billion of trading volume on the Polars platform.


Initially, we planned to launch a referral program after the launch of the Polars main network. But now we have made the decision to start the referral program with a Big trading competition on the test network. This means that each of you can start inviting users to participate in a trading competition with $200k + prize pool, and receive real POL based on the invited users’ trading volume on the testnet during the 10-day competition.

Referred users do not need to invest real funds to enter the Testnet Trading Competition. It’s free for them. And you, inviting users, will receive real POL tokens.

How do I get a referral link?

  1. You can become Polars Angel. Only 1000 users will receive this status. First of all, these are the Top 500 early testers. The remaining 500 users are those users who benefit the project (Polars Friends, admins, influencers, opinion leaders, channel owners, etc.). If you want to do something useful for the project and get angel status, fill out this google form. Angel status increases your referral rewards by 15%, and you also passively automatically receive referrals who register without an invitation. This status can make you rich.
  2. If you are not Polars Angel, you can become an Early Distributor. These are the first 1000 users to sign up for the referral program. In order to receive a referral link, these users only need to register and do not need to fulfill any additional conditions.
  3. If you have not managed to get into the Early Distributors, you can become a Regular Distributor. In order to receive a referral link, you must have 500 POL in your wallet. If you want to receive daily referral rewards, you must keep POL in your wallet. If you withdraw POL tokens from your wallet, referral charges will not distribute. As the number of users grows, the number of tokens required for new users will also grow, so have time to be among the first and get a referral link very cheaply, since the cost of this status will always remain stable for you.

Already on September 23, we will form the primary lists of Polars Angels, and around September 24, we will open the registration of the first 1000 users, who will eventually become Early Distributors. Further, registration will become available for any user who has 500 POL on their wallet.

All the activities we are talking about in this article are provided on the Binance Smart Chain with bPOL tokens.


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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