Polars Roadmap Update

Block 1 (Immediate plans)

Polars Multi-chain (June 2021)

Conduct the final of the trading competition, distribute the rewards. (Start around June 19)

Completion of the audit from Zokyo (End of June)

Setting up a new API for sports and esports events. (First week of July)

Creation of video / text training materials for working with the Polars platform. (End of June)

Launch of the test platform with the underlying asset tPOL. (In a week after end of final of trading competition)

Wallet connect (Start of June)

Connecting the analytics page. (July)

The first version of the platform redesign. (July)

Listing on a centralized exchange. (July)

Mainnet Launch (July)

Open source release on Github (Post-release)

Distribution of Airdrop tokens on mainnet, (After the release)

Partnerships with ecosystem players (July — September)

Launch of a marketing campaign based on the mainnet release. (July)

Announcement of the first trading competition on the mainnet (Binance Smart Chain) (July)

Implementation of the distribution functionality of partner NFT tokens among users of the Polars platform. (July — August)

Block 2 (Future plans)

Leverage functionality release

Release of the functionality of limit orders

Release of the deferred action functionality

Released governance and voting smart contract. Implementation of the Polars DAO format.

Release of the functionality of the distribution of historical NFTs

Order book.

Start of development of the functionality of the Oracle of sports events

+ Automated crypto pools

Launch of the functionality for users to create their own pairs of polar tokens.

Launch of a large-scale marketing campaign based on the release of new platform functionality.

Integration with landing protocols to provide additional profits to liquidity providers.


Polars.io — The new DeFi concept for the Prediction Market.