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Polars Roadmap Update

Block 1 (Immediate plans)

Polars Multi-chain (June 2021)

Our task is to complete the multi-platform setup. This is the first step towards implementing the functionality of creating custom polar tokens by any user. Within the Polars platform, within a month you will be able to switch between networks (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, Polkadot and others). You will also be able to switch between the collating currencies of the underlying pools (BUSD, BNB, ETH, USDC, POL and others). Additionally, within each base pool, we can launch an unlimited number of Liquid Pool and Trade Pool pairs for different sets of events (Mixed, Football, E-sport, Crypto and others).

We will start by launching another parallel test platform for the final of the trading competition in parallel with the current version of the test platform on the Ethereum Rinkeby network, and after the end of the trading competition, we will launch another test platform with the underlying POL asset in parallel. This will allow us to fully test the multi-platform functionality.

Conduct the final of the trading competition, distribute the rewards. (Start around June 19)

We will create a new underlying USDP asset and distribute a certain amount of USDP evenly among all competitors. Within a few days, users will have the opportunity to maximize their capital on the Polars platform and receive rewards in POL tokens. As part of the new version of the platform, users will not have the mechanisms to get additional basic assets from the outside, so the competition is expected to be as fair and fair as possible.

Completion of the audit from Zokyo (End of June)

We have submitted all existing smart contracts for deep audit. We have already made about 10 significant changes in the code architecture thanks to the highly professional Zokyo team. By the end of this month, we should receive the final report on the security of Polars smart contracts. After that, we will be ready to launch with confidence on the mainnet.

Setting up a new API for sports and esports events. (First week of July)

We are deciding on a supplier of quality data for sports and esports events. The main selection criteria are the stability of the data flow and the cost of using the service. The current version shows a lot of volatility, so we need to set up a reliable data channel.

Creation of video / text training materials for working with the Polars platform. (End of June)

As marketing activity increases, more and more new users will come to the platform. Our task is to create a set of high-quality training materials both in video format and in text format. We want to provide every user with quick access to all platform functions.

Launch of the test platform with the underlying asset tPOL. (In a week after end of final of trading competition)

Each user who is in the Airdrop list will receive test tPOL tokens in the appropriate amount (450 tPOL for each user). We will launch a test platform with the underlying asset tPOL. Each user will be able to use their tPOLs on the Polars platform and increase, maintain or decrease their number. When the Mainnet starts, we will change tPOL to POL for each user.

Wallet connect (Start of June)

Many Defi users are accustomed to using not only Metmask, but, for example, TrustWallet as well as other solutions. We are working on creating the Wallet Connection standard to enable the most comfortable user experience.

Connecting the analytics page. (July)

Each user will be able to view the analytical data of the platform in the form of tables and graphs. The amount of liquidity in pools, trading volume, transactions, price movement charts, APY, PnL and more. Quite a difficult task, but extremely important for creating a complete user experience.

The first version of the platform redesign. (July)

We have collected user feedback during testing and trading competition, and now we will try to implement all your wishes into the platform interfaces. We are already engaged in interface adaptation and platform redesign.

Listing on a centralized exchange. (July)

We are already on decentralized exchanges. But we will soon appear on centralized exchanges as the overall level of liquidity will increase over time.

Mainnet Launch (July)

After passing the audit, testing the platform and final edits, we plan to launch it on the mainnet. The first platform will be launched on Binance Smart Chain. Next, we look at solutions on the Polkadot network as well as Matic.

Open source release on Github (Post-release)

We will move the tested and audited code that has been tested on the mainnet to github as open source. Bounty programs are planned for developers who can build their own solutions based on the Polars protocol.

Distribution of Airdrop tokens on mainnet, (After the release)

After the successful release of the platform we plan to award POL tokens to each user according to the number of tPOLs on the testnet.

Partnerships with ecosystem players (July — September)

New blockchains and networks, new oracles, new NFT partners, and much more.

Launch of a marketing campaign based on the mainnet release. (July)

Immediately after the launch of the main network, we plan to launch an active marketing campaign to attract users to the Polars platform.

Announcement of the first trading competition on the mainnet (Binance Smart Chain) (July)

We will practice trading competitions regularly. Prizes will be paid not only in POL tokens but also in other liquid tokens of our partners.

Implementation of the distribution functionality of partner NFT tokens among users of the Polars platform. (July — August)

We really want to customize the mechanism for distributing unique historical NFT tokens based on those events that affect the price of polar tokens within the Polars platform.

Block 2 (Future plans)

Leverage functionality release

Many users are ready to increase their risk in order to get significant profit from a small deposit. We have thought about the leverage functionality on the Polars platform. The user will be asked to select a risk limit as a percentage of his deposit, and the platform will select the optimal leverage in accordance with the platform liquidity parameters.

Release of the functionality of limit orders

Users will be able to place buy and sell orders at certain prices. This will allow busy people to spend less time online when interacting with Polars. After all, you also need to sleep …

Release of the deferred action functionality

If you know the schedule of events in advance, then you can set up deferred actions to buy, sell, exchange or hold polar tokens in accordance with the outcome of a particular event. Thus, some users can enter the platform just once a day and make a kind of split for several events ahead. All planned actions are automatically implemented by the smart contract.

Released governance and voting smart contract. Implementation of the Polars DAO format.

POL token holders will take part in making decisions related to conceptual and technical changes on the Polars platform. Additionally, users will be able to vote on the choice of events, the choice of teams, and the choice of volatility within a specific event.

Release of the functionality of the distribution of historical NFTs

We plan to integrate with several NFT platforms to establish a process of rewarding historical NFT users of the Polars platform.

Order book.

This is a refinement of the functionality of limit orders and pending actions with a full-fledged exchange order book.

Start of development of the functionality of the Oracle of sports events

We are currently using paid APIs for centralized solutions from global providers of sports and esports data. The ideal solution for us would be to connect a full-fledged Oracle that would check the compliance of the results of sports events and send this data to the blockchain when interacting with Polars smart contracts. There are no such solutions on the market now, so we set an ambitious goal for ourselves to create an Oracle of sports and eSports events within the Polars protocol and set the standard for decentralized data in the field of decentralized betting.

+ Automated crypto pools

Automated event management systems. This is a global work to eliminate any human factor. In the future, the system will work completely autonomously and decentralized.

Launch of the functionality for users to create their own pairs of polar tokens.

Each user, having POL tokens, will be able to create their own pair of polar tokens, with a unique name, parameters, their own base, secondary and trading pool. The user will be able to connect any set of events to their custom pair of polar tokens.

Launch of a large-scale marketing campaign based on the release of new platform functionality.

We will focus on interaction with various media, opinion leaders, companies and bloggers and will invite them to create their own polar token pair.

Integration with landing protocols to provide additional profits to liquidity providers.

Each polar token in the system is fully backed by the underlying asset in the underlying pool. But it is precisely this liquidity that lies idle and waits for the polar tokens to return back to the base pool. All this time, the liquidity of the base pool could work in proven and low-risk landing and AMM protocols such as Compound, Aave, Curve, Alpha Homora and others … Profit will be sent to the base pool, thereby increasing the total price of polar tokens.


The new Defi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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