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4 min readAug 17, 2021


In previous articles, we explained all the updates before the launch of the main network, burned 400 million POL tokens, proved the availability of a guaranteed trading volume on the platform, and also showed you how to calculate the profitability for liquidity providers in the Trade Pool. Additionally, we showed you information about the mechanisms of farming. Now is the time to help you understand the fundamental staking mechanisms on the Polars platform to help you get the most out of your POL tokens. Let’s Go!

As we said in previous articles, 40% of Prediction Pool fees and 30% of Trade Pool fees go to buy back POL tokens from the market and distribute the bought out tokens among advanced users. It is this mechanism that provides profitability to the fundamental staking of Polars.

An advanced user is a user who has POL tokens and has submitted these tokens to Incentives Smart Contract. In this smart contract, the user, in return for his POLs, receives Incentives tokens for each network in which the Polars platform works. For example: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The user can put the received Incentives tokens into staking for a certain period. During this period, the advanced user will receive proportional rewards in POL tokens thanks to the constant buyout from the market.

The main task of fundamental staking is the gradual redistribution of POL tokens among strong hands — long-term holders and active users of the platform. You can buy POL tokens from the market, or you can get them as a result of farming mechanisms by being active on the Polars platform. If you are a long-term holder, you can stake your tokens and your balance will keep growing. We will redeem the token from weak hands, at the expense of the platform’s commissions, and give it to you as a staking reward.

Staking will be available immediately after the launch of the Polars mainnet. We will post detailed instructions up to this point. We will definitely test the Incentives Smart Contract mechanisms on the testnet. But the basic staking mechanism will look like this: You put POL tokens into Incentives Smart Contract. Incentives tokens for each of the networks become available to you. You take Incentives tokens and put them in the Staking smart contract. Then you get staking rewards. In order to take your POL back, you need to return all incentives tokens to the smart contract.

Before creating the instructions, we’ll finish with the platform redesign process. In the meantime, we suggest that you use a calculator to calculate the amount of your staking rewards based on the trading volume and the price of POL tokens on the market. Good luck!


First, make a copy of the calculator for yourself so that you can edit it and paste your data into the yellow cells. Next, fill in the yellow cells sequentially with data:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cObYeoJ9pfcYjx73dDvS6I2n9x0KczqXvXoG6YdxCS4/edit?usp=sharing (list: STAKING POL)

Let’s start with the total trade volume in the Prediction Pool and in the Trade Pool for the month. Let’s assume that the trading volume in the Prediction Pool was $ 4M per month, and the trading volume in the Trade Pool was $ 3M per month:

Next, insert the total amount of POL in Staking and your personal amount of POL in Staking. Let’s assume it’s 1M POL and 10k POL:

Next, you need to enter the avarage monthly price of POL tokens. Let’s assume it’s $0.1:

The data has been added. Now you can see the specific results. We see in the calculator that in total we bought back 75,000 POL tokens for $ 7,500 at $ 0.1 and distributed them to users. Your share of the staking pool is 1% of the total amount of added POL, so specifically, you will receive 750 POL.

Now you can insert any data in the yellow cells and predict your potential profitability from the staking activity. We wish you every success. Thanks for your support.


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