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Polars: tPOL Platform launched for airdropers.

If you passed the beta testing of Polars in May and are on the airdrop list and also verified that your address is active, you should have been credited with 450 tPOL (test airdrop tokens) on the Binance Smart Chain Testnet. If you have met all the conditions, but have not yet received 450 tPOL, please verify the address again, and also make sure that you are really on the airdrop list.

After some time (about 10 days) we will swap your tPOLs to real POLs, but for this you need to fulfill some conditions. You will definitely need to complete one of the proposed activities during the period of operation of the tPOL platform:

  • You can place one or more bets on the Polars platform on the 450 tPOL.
  • You can add your tPOLs to the liquidity of the Trading Pool for the duration of the tPOL platform and receive part of the trading commissions.
  • You can make arbitrage trades between Betting Pool and Trade Pool.

Detailed instructions will be below

If you do not perform any of the proposed actions with your tPOL, the swap for real tokens will not be completed.

During the operation of the tPOL platform, you can save, increase or decrease your airdrop using the proposed actions. The top 500 users who earn the most tPOL during this period will be able to get the Polars Angels status.

Important rules

  • Transfers of tPOL, WHITE, BLACK, PTPT tokens between user accounts are prohibited. In the case of a transfer, the sender’s account and the recipient’s account will be blacklisted. If tokens have dropped to you not by your will — urgently inform the admins about it in the chat. We will fix the incident, remove the extra tokens and you can continue.
  • Inaction is prohibited. You must complete one of the above steps at least once. Otherwise, your address will be blacklisted as inactive.
  • At the end of the tPOL platform period, you will need to bring all your funds to tPOL. WHITE, BLACK and PTPT will not swap to real. Only tPOLs will be exchanged for real POLs.


Conservative strategy

If you do not want to take risks, you are short on time, but you want to increase your airdrop a little, you can add liquidity to the Trade Pool while the tPOL platform is up. To do this, you need to buy for tPOL WHITE, buy for tPOL BLACK, and add the desired ratio of WHITE, BLACK and tPOL as liquidity to the Trade Pool. In return, you will receive pool tokens PTPT, which will reflect your weight in the pool. In the end, you will return the PTPT to the Trade pool and take back the WHITE, BLACK and tPOL + commissions that users paid when swapping with your liquidity. You end up selling WHITE and BLACK, and you will receive the final tPOL amount, which will be replaced with the real POL. Let’s take a closer look at each of the steps:

  1. Go to the https://bsc-test.polars.io/, Connect Wallet and Add Tokens.

tPOL — 0x3084f20bd972Cec3d4Ba5561B91F9761844Dcd04
WHITE — 0x5fb7c4f85af3552925e73d99223b8fa5f12a00e9
BLACK — 0xf813970f9d18a8e8260d902f1719d47b707327a9
PTPT — 0xe175bf6c18c2f90c8a12f4e26e785a092e509cb5

2. Now you need to find out in what ratio you can add liquidity to the Trade Pool. To do this, go to Earn, click Add Liquidity and enter 150 in the tPOL field. Since you need to put 3 tokens into the pool, you must enter a third of your 450 tPOL.

3. You can see that in our example, in order to add 150 tPOL, you also need to enter 208 BLACK and 305 WHITE. Therefore, you need to buy them from the Betting Pool. Go to Trade, click Betting Pool and buy the required amount of tokens:

4. You now have the required number of WHITE, BLACK and tPOL tokens. You can go back to Earn, select Add Liquidity and enter any tokens you have left in the tPOL field. The WHITE and BLACK values will be substituted automatically. It remains only to press the button.

5. In return for the provided liquidity, you received PTPT pool tokens. You can see them in your wallet. In the end of tPOL period you will return them back to the Trade Pool and take your liquidity + earnings on commissions.

Moderate strategy

You can place regular bets predicting the outcome of upcoming events. Buy WHITE or BLACK according to your predictions. If you guess and change your position in the Trade Pool in time, you can significantly increase the number of tPOLs, which will then be exchanged for real POLs.

Advanced strategy

Equalize prices between Betting Pool and Trading Pool and earn extra tPOL from exchange rate differences. Track user sentiments, predict their behavior during events, and buy cheaper and sell more while other users rush and change their positions.

Each of you has a unique opportunity to increase your airdrop. Each of you has the opportunity to get into the top500 and receive the Polars Angel status. The most courageous and courageous will win. Let’s Go!


The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

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