Help us build a living, breathing data set of government relations

Our survey can be found here or in the link below.

Policy Engine is in the “exploratory” startup phase. We have a mission, a product template, a team, and a talented board of advisors; now we need to get to work, and that means we need to delve deep into our market. What makes it tick? What specific problems are people facing every day? How can we paint of picture of the world as it is — one in which the average individual feels locked out of our nation’s legislative process?

We need your help creating a living data set that answers these questions and sets us on the path to building a tailored product for your community. Your input can be the difference between a newfangled technology that only impacts a privileged few and a powerful service that is accessible to every user. And, since the data we’re gathering will change over time, we’ll periodically publish our findings so you can stay up to date with how others in your area interact with the public sector.

Ready to get involved? You can find our quick, five-minute survey here:

Policy Engine’s Government & Advocacy Survey

Thanks for your insights — we appreciate your help breaking down barriers between public officials and passionate citizen advocates.

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me at I look forward to chatting!

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