Revisiting Agile Guilds: Charter Guilds

TL;DR: Jumpstarting Cross Team Collaborative Effort Requires Some Structure

David Kaplan
May 7 · 8 min read

…the tech debt…was there, and because there wasn’t an explicit framework for tackling it, it was accruing sprint by sprint without any mitigation

Identifying Problems

It felt like something guilds were meant to solve, but the existing implementations I knew left me with concerns

Concerns with Existing Solutions

…each guild spent the first three weeks drafting their charters and choosing what project they would work on

How Charter Guilds Work

…disbanding and reforming [guilds] allows us to change membership and to ensure we are always solving the most important problems…


…charter guilds should be used when you want to solve some tough problems, want to train backups quickly, want to provide learning opportunities, and don’t want to invest in something long term that may have diminishing returns

Broad Application


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Thanks to Brad Wheel, Miles Fricker, and Trevor Nelson.

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The easy way to compare and buy insurance.