How to visualize the spread of COVID-19 in Italy

Photo by James Yarema


February 21st 2020. 16 Coronavirus cases were discovered in Lombardia, one of the crucial crossroads of Italy, a region where everyday thousands of people land and leave. The day after, the infected people were 60 and in the following days the first deaths were sadly signaled. In the same days, cases started appearing in Veneto too. On the 23rd, hoping to…




This page’s aim is to create an environment for data science students, enthusiasts, and alumni from Politecnico di Milano. This will be a place of culture, experiences and ideas exchange, related to data science fields. Feel free to ask and contribute to the community.

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Alessandro Paticchio

Alessandro Paticchio

ML Engineer | Graduate @ Polimi | Former Research Fellow @ Harvard. Former Vice President of Polimi Data Scientists.

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