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Adrian Allinger Digital Artist & Motion Designer

Polinate is pleased to introduce Adrian Allinger, a Digital Artist and Graphic Designer. The emergence of NFTs in the art world has been exciting for artists in the digital space. Especially as it has opened up new possibilities for creators. Adrian is all set to explore this novel arena and bring his work to the community. He works as a Motion Designer in an advertising firm in Stuttgart, Germany. In his free time, he pursues his passion by creating artworks for his personal portfolio.

Adrian’s artwork is predominantly focused on Digital Artforms. His artwork is subjected to a 3D ambience with a striking subject placed very aptly in the peace. The focus of the composition is many a time a tippy and thought-provoking depiction. Being a professional Motion Designer, his grasp on modelling 3D subjects is impeccable. The surroundings of a sci-fi landscape add a futuristic element to the piece.

Adrian remembered his first cinema experience when we asked, “What encouraged him to pursue digital art?” He remarked, “My first cinema visit was Finding Nemo and I was so stunned, I wanted to create moving images as I had seen there.”

Adrian informed us that he leaves the decoding to his audience when working on an art piece. His goal is to build an engrossing composition without providing any rationale. He said, “I try to immerse the viewer, not describing much and leaving it up to interpretation”. His method differs for his commercial projects wherein he follows a clear-cut procedure while keeping the artwork visually stunning and serving the purpose.

Out Of Order, the falling girl from space is one of Adrian most beloved compositions. The motion art consists of a 3D model depicting a lady free-falling from space towards the Earth. The aesthetic is sci-fi-inspired, and the glitch added as a special effect leaves a profound effect on onlookers. Much like most of his pieces the composition is left open to interpretation.

Adrian lives and breathes art, and his inspiration comes from video games and movies. He appreciates the immersive experience and escapes that these art forms provide. He goes on to explain his interest in 3D, and said, “I’ve always loved video games, movies, everything that takes you to a different world. So 3D was a natural subject in that aspect.” He goes on to describe how the mix of the two mediums results in a new perspective. He told Polinate, “I get most inspired from music. the reason music videos are among my favourite work is the connection of two media creating one new experience.” Adrian goes on to mention his ideal goal, “Being a self-sufficient 3D artist and working with musicians would be my go-to goal.”

Adrian’s advice to aspiring artists and creators is to avoid creating art pieces to follow trends. Artists are rewarded by social media algorithms for adapting to trends on the platforms. This has an impact on the artistic process and hampers the artist’s creative progress. Also, the trends have a very short lifespan and require constant hustling to keep up with the numbers. He emphasises the need of establishing an artistic style that is unique to the artist. He comments, “My advice would be to Not follow trends and find a style that is special for your personality.”

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