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“Aircapture” — Making an Impact

Aircapture by Dianne Halloway

Dianne Halloway is a Founder and Creative Director with an extensive 17 year background in footwear design specializing in custom footwear fabrication, advanced manufacturing and research in technology. The entirety of her leadership is to examine new modes of programmable construction in footwear manufacturing processes and create new insights to product development methods through blending the worlds of technology and science.

Her exploration in experimentation of transfiguring footwear design and manufacturing into a comprehensive experience lead to several invites to Complex Media Network to be casted on ComplexHustle. The lifestyle channel for creators, entrepreneurs and young professionals navigating the new economy requested her as a guest featured designer to share her myriad of experiences.

In the community, she serves as an appointed mentor to creative prosumers in Arizona thriving to pursue an independent profession in footwear design, a senior creative in production and collaboration at CallingAllCreators, and founder at Aircapture®.

Prior to CallingAllCreators, she created a holding company, namely DIANNEHALLOWAY an Interdisciplinary Design & Initiative Study — a focus on transformative sneaker development & manufacturing. Originating initiative that embeds a diversity inclusion plan within the infrastructure of projects to create synergistic pipeline channels for job market opportunities.

The project she’s launching for on Polinate is the teaser to the main project. Do you want to be an early adopter to the future of custom footwear manufacturing and development? Do you want a faster way to make custom sneakers and wear them now? I’m sure you do but the process just takes too long. That’s where we introduce AIRCAPTURE®, the one stop shop that can be likened to Nike I.D on steroids meetings Netflix, with a sharing system like Lyft. AIRCAPTURE® will allow customers to build their sneakers like a build-a-bear, map and connect to nearby available locations to produce one-of-one customers through their mobile devices.

The AIRCAPTURE® production process is easy, quick and without any infringement concerns. You can even choose your preferred branded sneaker to annex and mix for your personal preference! Let us explain to you how it works:

All user footwear designs will be worked-up into a “transformative” design. Using only parts of the “heart” — of brand sneakers but also incorporating or adding your own designs and accents to create a new product that serves the transformative purpose — away from the original design.

Their patent pending solution has been designed and engineered with RLP Co in collaboration with professional partners and in consultation with the MIT, Self Assembly Research Lab . Along the way, we have been continuously integrating feedback from our community. AIRCAPTURE® combines technology and sustainability to form a unique customer experience.

AIRCAPTURE® comes with high quality functionalities and features for easier designing and manufacturing. Its patented method is perfect for anyone — designers, non-designers, prosumers, higher learning institutions (University Design Programs) and festivals.

Did you know, There is a estimated 300 million pairs of shoes discarded each year which means that landfills are inundated with shoes. One shoe produces 30 pounds of carbon dioxide and that doesn’t even account for the amount of fossils used to start the machines.

An alternative production process is really an important call to action. Many sneaker brands are readjusting their steps to a zero carbon and zero waste process by choosing recycled materials. AIRCAPTURE® has adopted two main principles; circular economy is one of the core strategies to address the problem avoiding the production of any kind of waste and by assuring to reimagining the entire footwear behavioral production process through our methodology.

The vast majority of impact is incurred during the materials processing and manufacturing stages, which make up around 29% and 68% of the total impact, respectively. By comparison, a person emits the equivalent amount of carbon by using a 100‐watt light bulb for a week. We believe in tackling greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint. The first objective to carry out a benchmarking is to understand the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of an existing shoe design. Thereby, establishing a collaboration with HIGGS Sustainable Index to explore materials and information for product life cycle assessments. Higgs is a tool for the standardized measurement of value chain sustainability, and it is central to measuring environmental (energy/greenhouse gas emissions; water; wastewater/effluent; air emissions; waste; and chemicals management).

For these reasons and more, we hope you’re excited to get involved in this project.

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