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Bela Balog: A Deconstructionist & Futurist Digital Artist

The newest addition to the original artist NFTs at Polinate is the wonderful Bela Balog. Bela, a digital artist from Budapest, Hungary, was born in 1970. He’s been doing something entirely different for decades. He continued to pursue creative endeavours in some capacity. While he performed music for 13 years, Bela explored fine arts in his spare time. His passion for the arts has always been evident. For long, he was hesitant to reveal his fine art pieces. Nonetheless, he worked on his skill for several years. “Art has always been close to me,” he says.

Bela, now an accomplished artist, is the founder and owner of Be My Creative Studio. At his studio, he has created work for a variety of prominent firms, including EUB Insurance, OD Crypto Adnet, Koworkz, UA Multimedia, and others.

He has received several accolades as a digital artist. He received the finalist award at the Art Show International Gallery. His pieces have been displayed at the Art Show International Gallery and the Winners’ Gallery. Bela is also a member of the Visual Artists Association, Public Art Fund, Tebbs Artists and Art Organization, and ArtMo.

Bela Balog draws inspiration from the world around him. He spots the muse in the commonplace and day-to-day life. He adds, “ The concept is very simple. I create pictures of the world around me. Everything around me is full of inspiration. A street scene, a news story in the newspaper, a picture on the internet instantly tells an entire story. I hope my art will tell everyone these stories.”

After several years of experimenting and practising skills, Bela developed a unique style. He has refined his mixed media style over time. This distinctive art style is crafted with a variety of digital elements. He tells us he can best convey his artistic expression in this unique blend of components. He plans to carry on the exploration and experimenting nonetheless.

Bela considers himself a deconstructionist and futurist digital artist. In his digital creations, there is a very clear visual language in his compositions. Each piece features many scenes layered on top of each other. Bela’s artworks are a combination of deconstructionist and futurist elements. With the addition of architectural elements, the sceneries feel vibrant and energetic. These give the painting a more dynamic feel by creating a feeling of chaotic organisation. The viewer is drawn in by the liveliness, which urges them to decipher the images. The onlookers are attracted to these images because the identifiable figures are silhouettes.

The representation of numerous painful emotions is another notable feature of Bela’s art. In the majority of his works, he used gorgeous and brilliant colours. The expression of even grief or sadness in vibrant colours is quite striking. It has an effect on those who are watching. Bela told Polinate, “Vibrant colours mean the world to me. Everything is coloured around us, even sadness or death. For me, the use of colours is more than an expression, but rather a basis for telling the story. The contrasts were intentionally roughened.”

In Bela’s opinion, Art is the purpose of human life. Everyone enjoys drawing and painting as a child. Many people, but, lose sight of the love of art as they get older. Even so, Art is there for everyone. He expressed joy that he was able to restart his creative journey. If he could change a thing in the trajectory of his life so far he said, “I would have started working in the fine arts first. But I hope I have a long time to go.” Bela’s father gave him the finest piece of advice: “The point is to have joy in what you do.”

Bela told us about his dream project and how all he wants is for more and more people to view his compositions. Bela said, “Now I want to show my artworks to a wide audience. People really like my pieces and it makes me happy. I will be participating in art competitions and exhibitions this year. My goal is for as many people as possible to see my compositions.” He continued to tell us about his work. “I identify with all my artworks, the same inspiration, the line of thought, the thoughts about the world around me. Of course, I have my favourite pieces where I feel like I could best tell my stories. Examples: Plateau, Beauty’s Rose, Alone, Widow, and Storm.”

When Polinate asked him who is the most influential person in his life, Bela said, “My wife, but in a good way. She is a well-known and excellent linguist, whose knowledge is exemplary for me as well. She supports me in everything and that is the most important thing for me.”

Bela is a proud parent and devoted spouse in his personal life. He expresses his appreciation for his son and wife and speaks fondly about his family. The birth of his kid, he added, was the best moment of his life so far. He is as eloquent at expressing gratitude for his loved ones as his art expresses the stories he tells via them. In response to what he is most grateful for in life, he stated: “My family. My wonderful wife is not only my love but also my best friend. My 14-year-old son is my pride and joy. He studies excellently, plays sports, and is also very interested in the arts.”

“It is a great pleasure for me that many people are interested in my artwork. Everyone feel free to visit my website, where they can find all the information about my works.” ~ Bela Balog

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