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“Dead Friends” by Jake James

Jake James is an investment banking professional by day and rapper by night. At the age of 15, Jake made his way from a small town in upstate New York to NYC to share his story through music and learn the business of investment management. His first two single releases in early 2021 feature production from Buckwild and Statik Selektah as serve as the first introduction of his story while he preps for the release of his debut EP.

This project includes Jame James’ 5th commercial single entitled “Dead Friends” releasing on 9/10/2021.

This NFT raise serves as funding for New York hip-hop artist Jake James debut commercial rollout. An investment banking professional by day and rapper by night, as mentioned above, Jake grew up in Hillside, a small town in rural upstate New York.

Coming from a low income background and eager to take the steps in life to succeed, Jake decided that education would be the best way out. At only fourteen years old, he used his SAT scores to apply to college and was accepted to Baruch College in Manhattan. While in college, Jake studied finance, ran his own small equity fund (mandated by the Baruch endowment), and met his current manager.

Together they put together a plan to build Jake’s fan base and began touring small shows in various markets and opening shows for more established acts in music. He eventually sold out SOB’s (NYC’s legendary hip hop venue) on his own. Jake’s talent garnered the attention and respect of acclaimed producer Statik Selektah and the iconic Notorious B.I.G producer, Buckwild who would go on to craft Jake’s debut commercial singles.

Jake is awaiting the release of his debut commercial EP “Letter of Intent” to be released in September, 2021.

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