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Nitro Wheels Series

Nitro League is building an incredible Nitro metaverse. This space is truly decentralised in terms of technology, authority, and money. Nitro League is a platform that offers NFT assets that players might have in real life. In contrast to traditional gaming, where game assets have no real-world value, Nitro assets may be freely traded on any marketplace outside of the game.

These gaming NFTs are distributed in a five scale spectrum of rarity. Each asset possesses a certain quality that is tailored for the needs of various gamers. Whether you are a seasoned racer, recognized legend or a complete rookie, Nitro League has got you covered.

This time around Polinate has five exciting game-assets to add an extra swagger to your drifts in the Nitro Metaverse arena.

Common — Tread Tire
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Tread Tire has a stress-resistant aluminum rim accompanied by an excellent tire compound. Designed to withstand long races and is well known to keep its grip on twists and turns on the track. It does not have the ability to accelerate. This is a standard tire and is ideal for newbies who want to play it safe trying to get a handle on their cars.

Uncommon — Runway Tread Tire
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Runway Tread tire is great for newbies looking to take their racing career up a notch. The steel rim on this tire is coupled with the synthetic rubber compound. The treads provide extra grip and have beautiful neon lights that leave a hypnotising trail when driving. It has the ability to boost a little speed while keeping its grip on twists and turns.

Rare — Star Flex Tire
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Star Flex tire has unusual forged magnesium alloy rims that can withstand strain, stress, or heat. With a distinct nylon and polyester base compound, this tire can take a beating on the race track. Its unique tread style combined with its remarkable engineering keeps the car fast yet grippy even on damp surfaces.

Special — Techno Tread Tire
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The Techno Tread Tire is ideal for enthusiasts since it is fast on turns and provides quick acceleration. Specifically designed for racers, Techno Tread Tire are lightweight and provide excellent traction. It can withstand any circumstance due to its chrome-plated rims. It has unique hybrid treads with minimal use of rubber that can withstand high temperatures

Legendary — Thruster Tire
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Tire Thruster, this legendary tire comes with unique rocket thrusters that help with extra drifting on tracks. The tire has a super sticky grip on turns and provides a godly boost on straight stretches. The chrome-plated aluminum rims are highly resistant to heat generated while going at high speeds. This tire is not for beginners and is only suggested for professional racers. If you need to be ahead of the pack this is for you.

About Nitro League

Nitro League is a decentralized play-to-earn racing game, bringing together great gameplay, token economies and the metaverse. The Game is built by a team with 500M app store downloads, crypto projects and economies worth 3B+. All in-game assets and utilities are NFTs with cutting-edge gameplay mechanics.

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